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"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Torture Chamber ~ Post 35


We are starting to finish up at the Tower of London with one final section to check out. Look at the line for the Torture Chamber!

I wasn't sure I wanted to go through this, but the line must be there for a reason. I imaged it must be worth it. What kind of things would there be in this building? Maybe things I'd rather not envision. 

When we reached the beginning there was a sign with a bit of explanation of the chamber. It had been used for prisoners and considering, not many really were actually tortured. After reading that I felt I was ok to see the inside.

The Manacles

I typed what the sign says below the photo in case it is difficult for anyone to read.

"The normal torture they employ is to hang a man up by his hands and for this purpose they use a piece of iron with two holes…The iron is tied in the middle by a rope to a beam and the victim is thus left hanging for five or six hours. Sometimes the iron with the holes is rounded off and polished at the part where it touches the hands. This makes the pain more bearable. Some irons have what resembles a cutting edge that draws blood…"

The Rack

I think the sign can be read ok on this photo. 

Here is "The Rack" itself.

One more

Scavenger's Daughter

I typed this one up also, below.

"Besides the Rack, the principal kind of torture in England is called the "Scavenger's Daughter." It is the complete opposite of the rack…The prisoner's body is folded into three, with the shins up against the thighs and the thighs against the stomach. The torturer then forces the ends of two iron bows together and locks the prisoner inside, almost crushing his body with a hellish compression. This is an inhumane torture, in every way, worse than the rack…"

Ok, enough torture for me…moving on...

Walking around the grounds themselves, I think if I ran across these below, that would have been torture enough for me!

These next two photos I just found. They were taken as we were entering the Crown Jewels exhibit, before we were told we couldn't take photos.

Interesting swap of numbers…and years.

And, with that, we leave the Tower of London.

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April 23 ~ Remembering ~ Today, and in My Family History

Today ~ April 23, 2014

The wife of a third cousin of my step Father, a "Living Meierding."
The husband of my third cousin once removed, a "Living Price."

 The date of My first marriage.

May They Rest in Peace

Born on April 23, 1895
The husband of my second cousin once removed, Virgil L. Pitts. He would have been 119 years old today.
Born on April 23, 1906
 The second cousin of my step Father, Cecilia Marie Farrell. She would have been 108 years old today.
Died on April 23
My third cousin, a "Nolan."

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