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Fain Friday!

Another fabulous "Fain" day thanks to a great genea friend, Angela Kraft from Leaves of Heritage ! I have been intrigued with some fairly recent information I have found in one of my family lines. It is so recent in fact that I won't even discuss it.  This morning I awoke to a mailbox FILLED with information regarding this "information." Some of this I already had, some I didn't and some is a bit controversial.  I have spent all morning reading, verifying, learning, and making future follow up plans because of the information I was sent. On any other day I would have been doing something very boring like labeling pictures, or basic data entry in my "New Tree."  ANGELA This morning I find I can hardly think of anything else but what I have been working on. It has been a great day, actually learning NEW things in MY family!  This has been so much more fun! As busy as our lives tend to be these days, I feel so honor

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1930 Wedding Napkin

Paternal grandparents wedding napkin. Scanned June 19, 2010. Cheryl Palmer. Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2013 Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved

Where Am I? What Am I Missing?

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in many directions and aren't sure where to start? This is where I am right now. May 10, 2013. San Francisco, California. Grand Princess. Digital image by Cheryl Palmer. We returned from vacation (can you tell what we did?) and I have found I have a couple new connections and contacts in the genealogy realm. The connections are through the Fleming/Phelan lines. Always so very exciting! I have done my best to reply with these new cousins and do what I can to make the connections "whole" and share in any way what I can. Unfortunately, that hasn't been much this time.  I have added these new cousins to my "Cousin's Found" list. Doing this has once again reminded me I have cousins in my second email account who haven't been added to the list, yet... I really need to get to my Swedish lessons, I have lost so much time learning because of my husband's surgery.  I am anxious to complete

The Centennial Light Bulb

On March 2, 2009 I posted “A Light That Still Shines.”  This post made Randy Seaver’s “Best of Genealogy Blogs” on his Genea-Musings blog that particular week. If you missed that post or wish to refresh your memory please go back and read it before continuing on with this post, it will give background on the news I am about to share with you now. I recently returned from a fantastic cruise and was playing catch up with the computer when I noticed a link shared on Facebook by my husband’s cousin.   The post, “World’s Longest Running Lightbulb Goes Out In Livermore” was posted by (Thank you cousin for listing this) Photo taken by Cheryl Palmer, 2009, Livermore, California. The Centennial Light Bulb mysteriously went out!  I think my heart skipped a beat, or two! I clicked on the link and listened to the report. Thankfully, the light came back on hours later, as mysteriously as it had gone out.  This report is by Juliette Goodrich, who


My day was all planned when we received a phone call from my brother in law (furthur listed as "BIL") saying he was going to the airport to pick up a cousin of my husband's who was coming in from Costa Rica. Not many people come from Costa Rica to the US to visit, at least not my husband's family. Unless you own a business or have money, it is expensive for most to make this trip. Of course, my husband's family has been offered (by us) to have a plane ticket paid for so they can come to the US. Long story short, none of them have been able to come, yet anyway. When I first learned the cousin was coming, I asked my husband why were we just learning this, so last minute? We pawned it off as not being unusual, and were grateful to be informed of his arrival. My BIL asked if my husband wanted to go with him to the airport to pick up the cousin. My husband explained the grandson had a baseball game and we would go over to his house after. The more I thought