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Erik Söderlund and "Wards"

Other posts in my efforts to learn who is Erik S ö derlund?  Who is Erik August S ö derlund? Erik August S ö derlund - Emergency Passport On May 10, 1917 the Kristianaford arrived at the port of New York. Erik S ö derlund, Signe and Erik Lindberg (Lundberg) were aboard. The list of United States Citizens on the "Kristianafjord" included roughly 20 people. These three were on the list, numbers nine, ten and eleven. Numbers one through eleven were typed on the sheet, after number 11, the names are hand written in. The list however also shows these three, the only ones, with a line through their names.  Erik S ö derlund was listed as having been naturalized at the district court in Vadena, Minn. were he lived and where he was headed. The other two had "d:o" in those columns with also "step father's papers" typed in. Because Signe and Erik were not United States Citizens they were all moved to the "List Or Manifest Of Alien Passengers

Erik August Söderlund ~ Emergency Passport

The first post in this series, if you haven't read it, is at, "Who is Erik August S ö derlund." I am gathering the information I have regarding Erik August Söderlund and putting it in a basic timeline order. Then I will know what I want to look for next. Better yet, I will see how my last " magical find" fits in! This is what I know~ (A) Swedish Church records state Erik August Söderlund was born January 4, 1869 in Forss, J ä matland, Sweden. (B) In July 1891 Erik emigrated to the US sailing aboard the White Star Liner. He sailed from Liverpool.   (C) On April 21, 1917 , Erik applied for an Emergency Passport. (This is recent "new" news to me, I was unaware there was an "Emergency"  Passport Application)  The application was for himself and one for “adopted daughter” Signe Lindberg (Lundberg), sister to my grandfather Erik Hjalmer Lundberg.         Erik S ö derlund’s Emergency Passport Application states

"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Checking Out ~ Post 39

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Who Is Erik August Söderlund?

I am always working to make my family tree as perfect as I can which hasn't allowed much time for research, actually no time at all the last few years. (This restriction I put on myself so I would get my tree in order.) Now, I am following Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do Over . ( I believe I am on Week 4. The second round of this series started again this week if you are interested. I highly recommend at least taking a look... ) I needed to take a break from the "Do Over" however to prepare for visitors and then host them. I was fortunate to have eight visitors from Sweden stay at my home for a couple of weeks very recently, my cousin and his family. After they left, I went about cleaning, doing laundry and reminiscing. As I was reminiscing about my visitors, I decided I really wanted to know who the man was that my grandfather lived with while growing up here in the United States. Rumors fly, but I never took the incentive to really focus in on the man who raised