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Are the Söderlunds Related To The Lundberg's?

Some time ago I learned Erik August Söderlund was buried not far from where I live. If you remember this is the man who raised my grandfather when he came to the United States as a boy. I do not remember exactly when or how I found out about where Erik was buried, but I believe it was from my cousin Jan in Sweden. It has taken me a lot longer than planned to head over to the Cemetery to see his grave site. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I decided to take a nice, relaxing ride in the Corvette to Modesto, Caifornia. Our intentions were to stop at a sporting goods store (for him) and go to the cemetery, Acacia Memorial Park (for me). I must say, out of all the corvettes I have owned (5) this one has the nicest ride, ever! We made our stop at the sporting goods store and purchased what my husband was looking for. Then we headed to the cemetery. We found it on the left side of the road, it was hugh! So many entries and exits throughout the property. When we reached the e

Sweet Reba

May 2nd sweet, sweet Reba crossed over Rainbow Bridge. She was blessed to have the most wonderful vet, Dr. Nick at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Reba was also blessed to have my daughter, Jenn, a vet tech and manager at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Because of them she had a comfortable life even though she had health issues. My husband and I were blessed to have her and give her a comfortable and loving home for the last couple years o f her life. She first came to our home for a doggie vacation (I was the doggie sitter) for for a week.  About a year later, she needed a home. She was 12 when she came back to our house as a Foster dog. She never left. She became our sweet dog "furever" more!  She required a lot of meds and I quickly found that feeding her 4 times a day was best because food wouldn't stick with her. She couldn't get up off the floor on her own, so for three months I stayed downstairs with her, and lifted her hind end when she needed it. O