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A Wonderful Surprise!

My mother was not one to save much of anything. If it was not used anymore, off it went to the trash and further to the dumps. There are many items I wish I still had today, and have felt this was  before I became involved in genealogy. Recently I was removing photos from those ugly sticky photo albums of the 70's that belonged to my mother and father. I thought I had scanned and seen most all of their albums when my mother passed away in 2001. Upon my father's passing last year, several photo albums of theirs came to the surface. When I picked them up, I realized I needed to get the photos out of these albums ASAP. I have my own albums I still need to remove photos from also. I enjoyed pulling them from my parents albums as I had not seen some of the photos before. I spent three and a half hours removing photos from four albums while listening and taking notes from a webinar. (Get in everything I can, make every minute count!)  When I reached the end of the thi