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Funeral Friday #1 ~ Westin Funeral Card

Since I have scanned so many funeral cards and obituary's lately I have decided to post these items on Fridays, hence the title Funeral Friday. Some of these may not actually pertain to my family, however I wish to share what I have as they may be helpful to someone. Unfortunately, most of the newspaper obits do not list a date of print nor the title of the newspaper. I will try to give location and dates that may be helpful as I can. In Memory Of Jonas August Westin December 3, 1884 --July 9, 1959 Services July 11, 1959 11:00 A.M. Salas Brothers Funeral Chapel Rev. R.E. Segerhammar, Officiating Richard Ryder, Vocalist Bernice Smith, Organist Pallbearers Eric Bystrom           Henry Perkins  H.E. Bystrom        Birger Wickstrom  Burt Ravizza        Ted Linden Interment : Masonic Cemetery  The 23rd Psalm is printed on the left side of this card. As far as I know at this point and time, Jonas was not related to my family in anyway, but maybe a relation will one day

Those Places Thursday ~ Jordahl Residence

Here is a "new to me" picture. I have recently been scanning a pile of documents, pictures and such that I borrowed from my aunt and uncle. I knew there was a box of items at their home that belonged to my great grandparents. I had been waiting patiently for my aunts to go through and separate the items between them. Upon doing this, I was hoping to be a part of exploring the boxes contents with them. I knew there were items I would want to scan. I was aware of this box for about a year to a year and a half. I finally got a bug in me and called my aunts to ask if I could scan the items. It was a prompt for them to get together and go through the box as well. I got the show on the road and we finally spent a day looking through the boxes goodies. (Yes, there actually is more than one box!) By the end of the day my aunts hadn't accomplished much, they were so intrigued they spent all of their time just looking at everything. I scanned as quickly as I could in order to get

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sea World

Whale Tank. Sea World, California. Scanned image, original held by me, taken by me, 1968. [Address for private use] California. 2010 Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Westby

This is the Westby plot which is located in Blue Grass, Wadena, Minnesota. This picture is currently in possession of my aunt and uncle. I scanned a copy of the picture this past week. Buried here in this plot are my great grandparents Halvor and Carrie (Jonson) Westby. Halvor was born on Dec 6, 1861 and Carrie was born on July 25, 1864. Both were born in Trysil, Hedmark, Norway. They married in 1883 and came to America in 1891. Twelve children came of this union although two of the children died as infants.  Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

The Civil War… in Oklahoma? ~ Part 3

Well, it looks as if the exact site of this battle still hasn't been confirmed. What new details can be uncovered? The question was, what did the Union Indians want? The answer may lead to where and why they moved along as they did. Actually, the answer to this was simple. There was overwhelming evidence that all they wanted was to remain neutral. They wanted to leave the fighting between the whites, it wasn't any business of theirs. In the agricultural area of Talasi, a trading post was set up where a white man married an Indian woman. A mixed blood Cherokee scout, Jesse Chisholm, married their daughter. He had a post set up north and traded with all of "the wild tribes of the southwest." There were several different tribes which had settled all around these two trading posts. Further up the river a group of Delawares settled under a great scout named Black Beaver. In 1861 a couple of Shawnees made way to Kansas carrying a letter with them. The message from the co

Those Places Thursday ~ Where I Have Lived

Here is another place where I have lived. This home is located in San Ramon, California. Of course when I lived here, the house didn't look like this. It has recently been re-done, the yard, fence, driveway, front door, mail box, windows, garage door, roof and siding placed on the house? I drove past this house a couple years ago and took a few pictures. When I lived in the house, it had been purchased brand new, which meant it didn't have yards, front or back. It was a very nice house, three bedroom, two bath. One of my favorite memories of this home is the back yard. It was big, and I mean big! We, my ex and I, landscaped the front and back yard ourselves. I loved the backyard! I felt like I had my own paradise in my backyard. From the family room, you walked out to a patio and beyond that was a pee gravel play yard complete with large swing set and children's play things. Along the left side of the fence was a planter box, the complete length of the fence. To the

Wordless Wednesday ~ Viewer

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Tebaldi

Edward J. Tebaldi was the first born child to Angelo and Eva (Santini) Tebaldi on August 11, 1910. Edward, and his parents were all born in California. He had four brothers and two sisters. Edward is my daughter's grand uncle. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

More on the Miner Packet

In the packet I received from Mountain View cemetery last week was information on how to go about purchasing headstones for my great grandparents, which I haven't shared yet. My last post shared the genealogical information I received from the cemetery. Several years ago when I bought a headstone for my father in law (who did not have a marker) it was a fairly easy task. I went to a monument company and chose what I wanted them to make. I paid for it and waited until they called letting me know it was completed. I picked it up and eventually my husband and I went and placed it on the grave. We were fortunate because the grave is located in a little country town of about 300 people. It was not an issue for us to cement the headstone in. This purchase will however be very different. Of course the prices have escalated and my great grandparents are not buried side by side, which means I need to buy two separate stones. This cemetery is not located in a little tiny town, it is in a

Miner Packet

The day after I called Mountain View Cemetery last week regarding my great grandparents grave sites, I received a packet in the mail from them. Inside was filled with information to purchase and place headstones. The first paper I read was the one on top which stated "Genealogy Research Reply." I asked if they could inform me who signed for my great grandparents burials and if I was privy to any paperwork regarding them. The paperwork they sent stated their records only contain information for the internment. Information covering this includes date of birth, date of death and the location inside the cemetery. It doesn't include maiden names, information on next of kin, copies of death certificates or obits. This is what was noted for my request: Name of Deceased  ~  John C. Miner Birthdate ~ Lined out, none listed Death Date ~ 9/28/1939 (age 63, 10 mo, 19 days) Place of Birth ~ Rome, N.Y. Place of Death ~ Oakland, California Location at MVCA ~ Plot 65 Grave 127

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Miner Headstones

In my heart I had come to the conclusion that my great grandparents headstones had been covered in mud and that was why I couldn't find them. My ggrandfather John Clayton Miner passed on September 23, 1939. My ggrandmother Gladys A. Miner (Richmond) passed on January 11, 1944. After spending a day at Mountain View Cemetery last August unable to find markers for either of them, I left feeling quite sad. If you remember, I spoke with my father and informed him that there wasn't a headstone for either of them. He found it very hard to believe that one had never been placed, which is what I told him probably was the case. Then, several months later after reading a fellow genealogists blog post, I hoped I was wrong that my ggrandparents didn't have a headstone. I hoped the grade of the hill and the weather had eventually covered the markers. It was time to call the cemetery to find out the truth. Today I did just that. I called the cemetery. I wanted and expected them to tel

The Civil War … in Oklahoma? ~ Part 2

Sharing my understanding of the this article which was emailed to from a new found cousin. The article is "The Site of the Battle of Round Hill, 1861 by Angie Debo." I understand this excerpt was taken from "The Chronicles of Oklahoma."  Annie Heloise Abel published what has been labeled as "the first of her three great volumes" on the Civil War in the Indian Territory. The information she used in this book which was published in 1915, came from Government Archives. This volume also contained a map she reproduced which was drawn by John T. Cox. John was a Special Indian Agent. He made an excellent map which shared how familiar he was with the territory. Opothle Yahola's specific route was detailed on this map, along with where the camps were located. The specific route went across the country and the Cimarron River. The route then partially goes through and around Yale, Cushing, Pawnee and of course the Cimarron River, my families old stomping ground

Those Places Thursday ~ My Grandfather's Home

This photo is a picture of where my grandfather and his wife lived for as long as I can remember. I took this picture but am not sure exactly when. I lost the date when changing computers unfortunately. I would venture to guess it was taken somewhere between 2002 and 2007. Two years after the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, northern Oakland and southeastern Berkeley suffered from the Oakland Hills Firestorm. Sunday, October 20, 1991 was the day the fire broke out. It just so happened that my parents and family were at my house celebrating my mother's birthday when we heard about the fire on the news. Immediately when we heard of the fire, my father was on the phone calling his father to see if the fire was in his vicinity. My grandfather was being evacuated from this home at that very moment! Thankfully, he his wife and his home all escaped the horrors of the fire. We were all extremely concerned because this home IS in the Oakland hills. Thi

Wordless Wednesday ~ Lundberg

Scanned copy of original taken August 1957. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

Ancestor Approved Award

Imagine my surprise when I found notifications that I had been awarded the "Ancestor Approved Award!" I was awarded this twice actually, once from Mary at Mary's Musings , and then again from Kim at Ancestors of Mine from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Beyond . Such a "doublely" wonderful surprise! I am honored Mary and Kim that you thought of me and my blog! Thank you! As recipient of this Ancestor Approved Award I must list ten things learned about my ancestors that have surprised, humbled, or enlightened me. The recipient then passes the award to ten other bloggers that are doing their Ancestors proud! Here are ten things I have learned : 1. I was surprised to learn Madie Jessie Miner was married at least one more time than I was aware of. 2. I was surprised to learn that Hjalmer Lundberg told his children he was born a bastard, no one knew who his father was. 3. I was humbled to hear James Hal Fleming gave up baseball career to support his f

It's All Relative's Post Means The Most!

I love reading other's blog posts! I love reading magazines, books and anything relating to genealogy. I have a pile of all of this to read. Slow but sure I am catching up a bit which is always good. If I get to far behind I may end up missing something of great importance! I had the opportunity to have lunch with some fellow GeneaBloggers today, one of which is visiting and I have never met. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend because I had already committed to watching the prince and princess. For those who don't know, these are my grandchildren. Good thing I love them as much as I do, because this grandma would have really liked to go hook up with these GeneaBloggers. Wasn't meant to be what was in store for me? Between naps, feedings and playing I was able to read some blog posts. One in particular really caught my attention. It was a post at It's All Relative by Laura, entitled Gravely Disappointing . This was a great post in my opinion. So much


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I will be spending my day with the prince, princess and their parents too. Family time! Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Clipart provided by Dover Publications Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer

The Civil War... in Oklahoma? ~ Part One

Just a short few months into this blog, a cousin found me from a photo I posted of our mutual relative, William Elias Hohimer. We shared information through email for quite some time. I was recently looking at some of the information my cousin J.H. shared with me and knew I was long overdo organizing and posting some of this information. My father, not biological but the man who raised me and I call dad, was born in Yale, Payne, Oklahoma. I grew up believing there is "Cherokee Blood" in the family, and that the family lived on Indian Territory there in Oklahoma. One of attachments which was sent to me was "The Site of the Battle of Round Hill, 1861 by Angie Debo." I understand this excerpt was taken from "The Chronicles of Oklahoma." My cousin said he found this on the internet. Upon reading the first page of twenty pages, I realized this was where my father was born and spent a good portion of his childhood. The article speaks of Indian Territory in O

Back Up Reminder!

Most genealogy bloggers are aware that GeneaBloggers gives us a gentle reminder each and every month to backup our genealogy work and computer systems. I appreciate those reminders as time slips away from me. Being retired (as my husband says) I don't tend to follow the days of the week as closely as I once did, let alone when it is the beginning or end of a month. I have found I need more than one calendar in my house, and several reminders to keep me in tune with real life. One calendar I keep by my laptop and one I keep in the kitchen. The one in the kitchen is for my daughter to fill in with all of her family events along with when I have the honor of keeping my grandchildren, the prince and princess. My husband also enters our vacations or trips away on this calendar... sometimes. The calendar I keep by my laptop is a monthly printout from the computer in which I enter my personal events. Occasionally, I cross reference the calendars and everyone knows what is going on in eve