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Nominate your Favorite Blogs!

Have you been nominating your favorite blogs? Tomorrow, November 30, 2010 is the deadline for nominations for Family Tree Magazine's 40 ~ 2011 Best Genealogy Blogs! Be sure to get your nominations in here ! Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer

Win a Copy of RootsMagic 4!

Amy Coffin from We Tree  is going to be giving away a couple of RootsMagic 4 programs! She has received them from attending conferences and has more programs than she needs. You can find out the details on how to enter the give away at her blog post here . Good Luck! I had an extra RootsMagic 4 program also and thought about using it as a gift through this blog, but then I learned my new found cousin in Sweden did not have a genealogy program, so I mailed it to him. We will both have RootsMagic 4 now and it will be easy to share information. The language barrier would be enough to have to work through, although so far so good as my cousin understands, reads and writes English pretty well! Keep in mind Heritage Happens will be giving away a genealogical "something" (I haven't decided yet what it will be) too after the end of the year and I total the responses on my posts! The one who has made the most comments by the end of the year will win! Thanks for stopping by!

There's One In Every Family...COG's 100th Edition! The "One" in my Family

Here is Jasia's topic announcement for the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy~ And the topic for the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is… “ There’s one in every family! ” Bring your stories of colorful characters, unique heirlooms, mouth-watering recipes, most dearly beloved pets, whatever! Interpret as you like. Every family has “special” individuals, you know, the ones with a green thumb, the black sheep, the lone wolf, the blue-ribbon cook, the story-teller, the geek! I know you have treasured recipes and amazing heirlooms you’ve yet to share! Tell us about them and become a part of history in the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy! The deadline for submissions is December 1st.  (Jasia's full announcement for the 100th COG is listed below my post)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My 100th COG Edition entry post THERE IS ONE IN EVERY FAMILY...COG'S 100TH EDITION! THE "


Yes, I have many things I am thankful for! Here are just a few, genealogically speaking ~                                                                  H - Headstones                                                                  A - Archives                                                                  P - Photographs                                                                  P - Public Trees                                                                  Y - Y-DNA                                                                  T - Timelines                                                                  H - Historical Stories                                                                  A - Ancestry dot com                                                                  N - Next of Kin                                                                  K - Kentucky Records                                                                  S - Social Net

Wordless Wednesday ~ Harding

Harry & Florence Harding (My grand aunt and uncle. Brick purchased and placed in Pleasanton, California) Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer

Amanuensis Monday ~ The Hohimer Farm

Thank you to John Newmark from the TransylvanianDutch blog for supplying this Monday theme for us GeneaBloggers. Taken from John's blog, he posts this as the definition of Amanuensis: Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. I have chosen to transcribe this letter and an explanation of the picture which is posted below. The letter was written by my grandfather's cousin and the Hohimer farm was that of my 2nd great grandfather.                                                               (These two letters explain the picture) (First Letter) June 24, 1991 Dear Hal: The enclosed letter was written  by my brother Harold this year.  He is 96 years old.  The pony Ned,  was given to  Harold by aunt Jina when Harley  neglected to care for Ned in a  manner satisfactory to aunt Jina's  thinking as to how a horse  should be cared for. Harold was  about 9 years old at the time.  He became my pony some 10 yea

Wordless Wednesday ~ Unknown Woman; Could She Be a Westby?

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer Press Release - National Geographic Digital Media

ANCESTRY.COM  CREATES STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DIGITAL MEDIA New Features Bring Further Discovery of Family History Online PROVO, Utah, November 16, 2010  – is pleased to announce it has created a strategic alliance with National Geographic Digital Media to help individuals make new discoveries in their family history. As part of the relationship, will host a family history experience online, developed by, which enables visitors to learn more about researching their genealogy and provides specific tools for them to search their ancestral roots located on the Genographic Project website. “We are always looking for unique ways to connect with people interested in their family history and have forged a great alliance with,” said John Pereira, Vice President of Business Development, at “With our development of this new experience on the Genographic Project website, we believe we ca

Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Genealogy Blogs Contest!

  Family Tree Magazine announced  its 40 Best Genealogy Blogs contest for 2011 ! Last year, by some miraculous reason, Heritage Happens was honored to make the top 40 Best Genealogy Blog  list! I was stunned, and it was truly amazing!  This year we have so many new and awesome blogs out there! Of course, we still have the "seasoned"  blogs available also. This year it becomes so much tougher though because there are now something like 1200 (?), or more, blogs to choose from! I have my favorites, and I bet you do too. I understand that we will not be able to choose  Genealogy Gems ,  Genea-Musings ,  DearMYRTLE or GeneaBloggers   as a choice for the top 40. Nor will we be able to choose any of  Thomas MacEntee's several other blogs, I have lost count how many he authors now, 10? Maybe it is 12?  Anyway, each of these blogs authors, Lisa Louise Cook, Randy Seaver, Myrt, and Thomas are all panelists for this years contest. They have chosen the categories and the qual

Have you heard?

"Who Do You Think You Are?" is returning for it's second season starting January 21st. I can hardly wait to hear whose ancestral trail we will be following this year! To see last years celebrities and the discoveries along their genealogy trail, be sure to check out the online web page of   Who Do You Think You Are?  Who would you like to see on this years program? I personally, am not much of a TV person, and only go to the movies occasionally so it is rather tough for me to choose someone, however, the first person that popped in my mind (and I don't know why) is Cher. I would love to see someone like Cher on the program. It would be great fun to hear about her "Indian" roots! Who comes to your mind? Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer

The Trials & Tribulations of My First Quilt & More!

The new  Genea-Quilters  blog which Myrtle and Genea Philbert Ortega have started and contribute to has sparked my own interest again in starting my very first quilt. I am very happy to say that I have actually, finally, started my first quilt! I have wanted to make a Harley Davidson quilt for several years after seeing a few of them made. My husband  has often said I would never make one, but he should know by now, you  never  say  never  to me! Besides, if I make quilts they may be passed down to my descendants and become heirlooms! Between my husband and I we have many many Harley shirts saved through the years. I kept saying I was going to make a quilt one day! I also have bought and saved Harley scarves from different stores we have visited all over the country. This means I will be making at least one more Harley quilt sometime in the future. Eventually, I would like to make an ancestors quilt and an antique, maybe lacy looking quilt. These will be further down the road ho

Family Tree Maker for Mac

I received this press release from ANCESTRY.COM  UNVEILS NEW FAMILY TREE MAKER FOR MAC #1-Selling Family History Software Now Available in Mac Version SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 4, 2010  – today announced the launch of Family Tree Maker® for Mac, the new Mac version of the world’s No.-1 selling family history software. Family Tree Maker for Mac provides an easy way to save and organize your family tree conveniently on your Mac computer and has a variety of tools that can help you share your discoveries with family and friends. “Family Tree Maker for Mac has been a long-requested feature from our customers.  We are committed to delivering the same powerful experience on the Mac that millions of Family Tree Maker customers have been enjoying for the past 20 years,”  said Eric Shoup, Senior Vice President of Product for “ We couldn’t be happier to provide yet another way for our members to interact with and discover, pr

Those Places Thursday ~ Scobey, Montana

This is a picture of my grand uncle in law, Thorbjorn Grotte, working the land in Scobey, Montana, in the early 1900's. Farms back then were much smaller, but were the farmers whole livelihood. I wonder how much trouble they had with their equipment... such slow, hard work... Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer