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Travel Tuesday ~ "MY" Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda ~ Cruise and Rosetta Stone ~ Post 3

A few trips to the travel agent later...and we have not booked anything, yet. We have however narrowed down a few things and realized a few things. My top revelation~ I do not need a cruise with any stops in Sweden! That was a big revelation. Prior to this, we were looking at cruises which stopped at a couple places specifically in Sweden so I could visit certain people. My husband now fully realizes what my brain has planned for Sweden. Because he knows/understands my plans, we have come to the realization that we don't have to make my "choice stops" while actually on the cruise. In other words, we can always take a plane, train, reindeer (really? reindeer?) or whatever, in order to get where I want to go. Originally, I was following the cruise itinerary, choosing the cruises that docked in places I wanted to go. That way I was sure  to get to those areas. Now that my husband fully understands where I want to go and what I want to do and is wil

Those Places Thursday ~ Oneida, New York

The year was 1900 when I find my future maternal great grandmother, Gladys Amy Richmond living in Oneida, New York. Gladys is 16, living at home with her parents. Two siblings, Beryl and Mable also live in the home. Gladys is the middle child, Beryl is 19 and Mable is 11.  The family lives on W. Dominick, in Rome Ward 3. Gladys is working as a "Cotton Winder."  In the 1901 Rome, New York, City Directory I find John C. Miner, my future maternal great grandfather. When I see where he was living, a piece of this lifetime starts to meld together for me. He was living...yes, you guessed it ~ 214 Dominick, Rome, New York! Can you guess what his occupation was while living here? Well, he was  a "Winder" also!  William and Jennie Richmond, my great, great grandparents, probably weren't very surprised when their daughter Gladys eventually married John C. Miner. This is an ANTIQUE VICTORIAN TREEN MAHOGANY COTTON WINDER / REEL SEWING CLAM

Travel Tuesday ~ "MY" Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda ~ Questions ~ Post 2

"Travel Tuesday is a daily blogging prompt suggested at  GeneaBloggers by Susan Donaldson of   Family History Fun ."   Thanks to Susan you will now find this series posted under        "Travel Tuesday"  the perfect prompt for this series!  Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding "My" Swedish Adventure , I can share that I have been asked lots of questions, mostly by family members ~ When are we going?  Do have the exact dates?  How long will I be in Sweden?  How long will I be gone?  What would I like to do while in Sweden?  Do I like to eat fish?  etc., etc. ... I was first asked by my daughter's mother in law when we will be going. It is only natural that she ask because she will be coming from Arizona to California to stay at our house while we are on my dream vacation. We are very fortunate to have her stay at our home and care for our deaf, aging dog as well as keeping an eye on the house. The plan works perfect

Who inspires you?

This was this weeks topic for GeneaBloggers Open Thread Thursday was: "Who inspires you?" Who inspires you when it comes to genealogy and family history?  Whether you are on the path to a professional career or setting up a business in the genealogy industry, or you pursue genealogy for the sheer pleasure and challenge, there must be some person, event or thing that inspired you. Let us know your “backstory” of genealogy inspiration. GeneaBloggers states there is a "catch" however when you reply regarding this subject... There’s only one rule to this week’s challenge: you can’t list  me  (Thomas MacEntee)  as your inspiration.  I want this to be positive. I want this to be informative as well as heartfelt.   I do not generally participate in Open Thread Thursdays, only because of time. However, this topic crossed my path yesterday morning and intrigued me. I have thought on and off about it for a full day now. Let's see what I came up wit