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Family Tree DNA ~ Lundberg & Westby

Unless you live on the East Coast, how many have heard of a little town in Maine named Bath? If it weren't for my sister and her family moving there (my brother in law became a professor at the college there), I probably wouldn't have ever been aware of Bath. This past year I have been speaking with my husband about visiting the family and seeing this little town on a vacation. The photos I see are absolutely gorgeous! Last month, I received notice that the DNA testing showed a new cousin. I went in to explore, finally, but not a name rang a bell to me.  The cousin supposedly was a 3rd generation cousin, but I do not see family meshing, yet. This is ok, as I have another cousin who was found through the same DNA testing who lives in Finland. He has sent me his tree but I have not find a connection. The problem with that is, my grandfather's father is unknown, so I can't go very far in my tree to find the connection. I did read cousins may have been involved