Rest In Peace ~ Francis "Lynn" Block

Francis "Lynn" Block
Jan 25, 1949 ~ May 1, 2016

Lynn, as she was commonly called, has been a family friend from day one. Our daughter's grew up together, went to the same High School and played softball together. As time went on, most of our daughters were married, and proceeded to have their own families. 

My husband and Lynn's husband went to High School together (which happens to be the same High School our daughter's attended years later). They played sports together and attended major sporting events. In fact, they bowl together now!

Lynn worked as a dental hygenist for several years but eventually started a home day care, and was always busy! My grandchildren were blessed to have been a part of this day care. She was so great with the kids and truly cared about them. As the kids have grown, our grandsons now play baseball in the same league. 

Lynn loved to quilt. She had a great group of family and friends she quilted with on a regular basis. I silently wished I was a part of her group, but they were so much more advanced than I was. I felt though that I could have learned a lot from them.  

She also liked to read and be with her family. It was rare to see her and or her husband without another family member with them.

My husband and I have many wonderful memories of Lynn, especially back in the days when we sat watching our girls play softball.

Unfortunately, cancer attacked Lynn. She battled with it for about 11 months before it got the best of her. 

There was a beautiful Celebration of Life held for Lynn on May 14th. This day happened to be our wedding anniversary. Lynn will forever more be a part of our anniversary. I know she will be celebrating with us each year up there with the angels.

My condolences to every member of the family with Lynn's passing. Lynn was a great woman and will live forever in all of our hearts. Hugs and love to you all.

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