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Blog "2" Book with Blog2Print ~ Post #2

I sure raised a lot of questions with my blog post regarding Blog2Print! Wow! I decided there were enough questions to warrant another blog post on this subject instead of trying to answer everyone's questions individually. I just hope I can answer them all for you! Before I go any further though, I would like to say that I have no affiliation what so ever with the Blog2Print company. I just happened to choose this company to print my blog.                                            USER FRIENDLY The  Blog2Print  home page has a section where you can actually page through a book. You can see pictures added, comments and other text. You can choose which cover you would like, what color, and what you would like to print, maybe your Facebook pages, your blog, Twitter pages, or Picassa, etc. If you choose to make the book of your blog, Blog2Print will ask you what blog platform you use, Blogger, Word Press or TypePad. You choose the title of the book and can make a dedication pag

Blog "2" Book with Blog2Print

One of the ways you can back up your blog is to have your blog turned into a book. I have been wanting to try this option for some time. During the crazy month of December and Christmas shopping I got a wild hair to have a sample of this done to see how I really liked the idea. Now, if you know me at all, you would know I hate to shop, except for at Christmas time because if I shop at all, I prefer to shop for others! It was a crazy and wild time for me this past Christmas as I bought several unexpected gifts for MYSELF! What do you think of the cover? I like how the background subtly has "blog" written all over it. It is nice in person. For this book I chose one of my great grandfathers, Joseph Fleming, to grace the front of the book. This is the back of the book. You can choose any picture from your blog posts to enter on the back. This picture happens to be from footnoteMAVEN's 5th Edition of  "Smile for the Camera" carnival, which I participate

Amanuensis Monday ~ Nationaltemplarorden: Lundberg

Back (which is the side you see first): Sobriety Peace Public Education are Order Tenets Cover (right side): Proof of Membership of  Nationaltemplarorden  in Sweden. Below is th inside of this little book ~ This   member   certificate   is valid   only   in   the   case ,   that   the member   in   question ,   since   this  evidence   was given,   met   its   membership   obligations ,   and   the   receipt   of the   current quarterly   fee   is attached . This is to   certify   that the   holder   thereof   Hjalmar   Lundberg   is   a member   of Nationaltemplar - words , and   thus   takes   this   member   all the   rights . Vikjsö   November 8, 1924 Uncertain of   name       Chair .  Theres   Kystrom         Secretary . Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Source: Wikipedia - Nationaltemplarorden (NTO), a Christian Swedish temperance organization formed in 1922 through the merger of Nationalgodtempla

Those Places Thursday ~ Famous Dave's with Sheri Fenley

This Thursday I am sharing with you a restaurant named Famous Dave's . No, I do not work for them nor do I have have any affiliation or obligation with the restaurant. If you remember, Sheri Fenley, "The Educated Genealogist" made an offer to me in the comments section of my post dated January 2, 2011, "Challenges not Resolutions." One of my "Challenges" has been sourcing. Here is the issue as I had posted it ~ "4. Source, source, source. I have worked on this before. For some reason I just can't get comfortable doing this. I wish I had someone who would sit down next to me and catch whatever my hang up is with this. I have all of the best source books, Mills Evidence Explained in particular. The hang-up is with me! Maybe someone can help! Need to find someone." Here was Sheri's comment ~ " Well Roomie, Those are mighty big chunks you have on your plate. but they say you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a t

Wordless Wednesday ~ Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66. Photo taken mid October, 2010. Near Laughlin, Nevada. Photo taken and held by Cheryl. [Address for private use] California. 2011 Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!    Copyright © 2011  Cheryl Palmer

Family Tree Maker for Mac

I received this press release from a few hours ago~ ANCESTRY.COM  RELEASES FAMILY TREE MAKER FOR MAC ON THE MAC APP STORE Downloadable Version of the #1-Selling Family History Software Available Today S AN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 6, 2011 – today announced the launch of Family Tree Maker® for Mac on the Mac App Store. Family Tree Maker for Mac provides an easy way to save and organize your family tree conveniently on your Mac and has a variety of tools that can help you share your discoveries with family and friends. “We are excited that Family Tree Maker for Mac is now available for download on the Mac App Store,” ,” said Eric Shoup, Senior Vice President of Product for “We’re committed to making our Family Tree Maker products easily accessible to everyone and this is yet another resource available from to enable everyone to discover, preserve and share their family history.” Family Tree Maker for Mac combines intuitive tools

My Challenges, not Resolutions

Warning: This is a long post and asks for your input! It also does not have any gorgeous pictures or artwork to beautify and break up the paragraphs. Finally, Heritage Happens is in an update mode from the Christmas Holidays, so please bear with me.   I do not have New Years resolutions. I stopped making them a few years ago. I have however had several ideas going on in my mind as of late and thought I really would like to work on some of these things. The new year is prime opportunity to analyze what I can actually accomplish. I have been mulling around also, using this blog for more than just my personal genealogy. Anything I do at any given time will eventually become my history, so why not? I could start a couple more blogs, but after you read this I think you will agree that I will not be having time for any more blogs. 1. Make at least one new Christmas stocking. I took pictures finally, of the stockings I have made. There have been so many additions to my family that I have


2011  Happy New Year to you all!  Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe & sane New Year! Do you realize today is 1/1/11? Time to tally all of the comments that were left on my blog last year. I have given the top 5 of the first two thirds of the year before. Here they are again~ January through April, these were the top five ~ (7 because of a tie) Michelle Goodrum  ~   The Turning of Generations Mary  ~  Mary's Musings Greta Koehl  ~   Greta's Genealogy Blog Lori Hellmund  ~  Genealogy and Me Taylorstales  ~ Taylorstales Geneology   Lindalee  ~  Flipside Joan  ~  Roots' N' Leaves By the end of August, these were the top five ~ (9 because of ties) Gini ~   Ginisology Greta ~   Greta's Genealogy Blog Lori H ~   Genealogy and Me Michelle ~   The Turning of Generations Mary ~   Mary's Musings Lori E. ~   Family Trees may Contain Nuts Rootdigger ~   A Rootdigger Miriam ~  Ancestories Bill West ~   West in New England Now acknowledging all of those people