Sweet Reba

May 2nd sweet, sweet Reba crossed over Rainbow Bridge. She was blessed to have the most wonderful vet, Dr. Nick at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Reba was also blessed to have my daughter, Jenn, a vet tech and manager at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Because of them she had a comfortable life even though she had health issues.
My husband and I were blessed to have her and give her a comfortable and loving home for the last couple years of her life. She first came to our home for a doggie vacation (I was the doggie sitter) for for a week. 
About a year later, she needed a home. She was 12 when she came back to our house as a Foster dog. She never left. She became our sweet dog "furever" more! 
She required a lot of meds and I quickly found that feeding her 4 times a day was best because food wouldn't stick with her. She couldn't get up off the floor on her own, so for three months I stayed downstairs with her, and lifted her hind end when she needed it. One day I went upstairs, and all of a sudden, she was by my side, she came up the stairs! From then on she followed every step I took. She came alive when I was home and was a very different dog when I wasn't. 
The last time someone shared what they noticed about her personality was when the guys (who installed our new air conditioner a couple of weeks ago) commented to me what a different dog she was when I was gone from the house. Typically, she would just lay by the door until I came back home when she would once again come alive and follow me everywhere.
Eventually she became deaf, and later her eyesight started to go. After a couple of years her hind end started giving out again. 
She was one lucky girl to have so many care for and love her! It was as if she lived with us always...she will be forever be with me in my heart. Thank you Reba for coming to us and letting me care for you, you made my heart grow!

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Cheryl. It just breaks one's heart to lose a beloved pet. They become so dear to us. Reba looks like the sweetest dog ever. She'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was an amazing dog.

  3. Thank you Kerry! I can not imagine if I had owned her for her entire life!


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