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Serious Thoughts To Quit Blogging

I remember feeling this way not to long ago, should I stop blogging? The genealogy blogging world has grown immensely since I first started. GeneaBloggers is over 3,000 bloggers, and I was here when this group came to fruition, thanks to Thomas MacEntee.  One of my readers brought to my attention the phrase "cousin bait." Those words made me stop and think. Why have I been blogging? Was it to have my posts read by all GeneaBloggers? Was it to be popular? Was it to get known? Was it to find cousins? Why did I start blogging? I have never had the desire to be a professional genealogist. I do enjoy webinars, conferences, classes and doing whatever it takes to keep abreast in the field. I feel there is always something new to learn, and honestly, there are times I feel overwhelmed and tired of learning. Always "learning something" takes time away from working on my family tree. Because this field has grown so much in the last few years, the blog

Updating My Tree ~ Duplicates

I have been working as much as possible on my "new" Family Tree. I am proud to say that I have accomplished more in the last couple months than I did during 6 months of last year. I still have a long way to go, but feel confident I could be caught up by the end of the year! Can't get lead astray though... I am finding problems now though at this stage of my project. I have noticed duplicate entries and have fixed five of them. Because I am re-entering from different sources, I am sure this was inevitable. Those duplicates that I have fixed were fairly easy to determine as duplicates. The names were exactly the same and they were married to the same person, had the same siblings, etc. I have run the "duplicate people" report in Family Tree Maker 2 several times. Some of the duplicates that come up, aren't even close to being duplicates. Others, as in those that I fixed, made sense. The issue now for me? I have found what looks like duplicates in my