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I'm a 1940 Census Ambassador!

It is only 37 days until the release of the 1940 census! I am proud to be an Ambassador for this project! On April 2, 2012, the website through the National Archives, will open the 1940 census , the only place on the internet where we will have access to this census. Of course, this census will not yet be indexed as I am sure most of you are aware.  Did you know  that 132 million people (according to the   Census Website ) were living in the 48 Continental United States in 1940? That is a lot of indexing that needs to be done!  I have signed up to work on this project and have the appropriate software downloaded and ready to go. If you haven't signed up for this very important project, you can do so at . The more people that help index, the sooner it will be done! A few of the questions asked on the census that you may not be aware of are ~ Where did you live 5 years prior? (in other words, where did they live in 1935? Isn't that great?) What was the hig

Mediterranean Cruise ~ Monaco ~ Part 10

While in the area of the "Rich and Famous" I took some pictures of vehicles we don't see every day at home. We were walking in front of the Monte Carlo we saw this ~  We also saw this, parked in front of the Cafe where we stopped to get a drink.  Then, right in front of Prada, this car was being tended to ~ (I somehow don't think it was a big deal to anyone here though)  I was excited to see who was going to come out of the car! Wouldn't you know one important to me! I have to say though, some awfully  NICE  cars! Don't you agree? In case anyone driving these cars decides to get a wild hair...or go a bit crazy, located in this square, one would also find this ~  Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2012 By Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved

1940 Blog Ambassador and/or 1940 Federal Census Indexer?

Are YOU a Blogger? Are YOU interested in becoming a 1940 Blog Ambassador ? If so click on the link and read more about supporting this program! Then Register! Have YOU considered indexing the 1940 census? Have YOU signed up? I signed up a few weeks ago and am looking forward to this project! If YOU are even considering this, let me help YOU out. This is the link where YOU can sign up! The 1940 Federal Census . The more people we get indexing, the sooner it will be complete!  Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!  Copyright © 2012 By Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved

Going From a PC to a Mac ~ Part 3

I have to admit that I have made this transition out to be more complicated than what it really is. But, that is very typical for me and about anything I try to do, it always becomes more involved for me than for others, for whatever given reason for each specific task. Actually, the complication came when my laptop started dying. Access was wishy washy at best. I needed to transfer my tree to a more reliable computer because I couldn't get the migration utility to work on the dying laptop. Once I moved the tree to my husband's computer, all I needed to do was find the information on how to make the transfer, which I found on . I saved a couple of links I used and am posting them here, they may be of assistance to you too ~ How do I transfer a Family Tree Maker file from one computer to another? How to Transfer a File Using a Mac I would also like to share a couple of comments from readers who were kind enough to offer assistance to me. Unfortunately,

Going From a PC to a Mac ~ Part 2

Here is Part 1 in case you haven't read it and care to ~ If you have read it you will remember I am trying to move my Family Tree Maker tree from my PC to my new Mac with Family Tree Maker Mac2. After the hard shut down on the laptop, I put it in the office on the floor, restraining myself from hucking it through the window. Then I moved my Mac back into the office next to my husband's computer, again. I did a search on Google again to try to come to the same spot I found before while in the dining room on my laptop.  Luckily, I soon found what I wanted, did the download, added my file, and finally had a converted version! (I never realized I needed to convert the file in the beginning of all of this.) I let out a BIG sigh of relief, as I mentally told myself, "I did it!" I was so pleased, and excited that I finally was finished with this project. Now, I just needed to go back and delete the program I had just used off the hubby's computer.  I needed to reme

Going From a PC to a Mac ~ Part 1

Most of you know from previous posts that I am NOT "Miss I-T." Please keep this in mind as you journey through my experience of learning yet something else "new," this time with actual computers. I have been so excited, I received my new Family Tree for Mac 2 in the mail! It showed up at my door in less than a week from the day I ordered it. I have felt a bit lost not having access to my family tree at any given time, funny how we get. Aren't we all used to having our genealogy information handy 24/7? I have not been excited however in even thinking about how to transfer my family tree to the Mac. My schedule had been very busy since the new program showed up at my door, and I am thinking that was probably a good thing. It didn't allow me time to worry or stress about how to do the transfer. A few days ago, I had some time, so I downloaded the new program to my Mac. I also downloaded a Gedcom of my tree to a memory stick. I did this because I was a

Wordless Wednesday ~ Mediterranean Cruise ~ Monaco ~ Part 9

One of my recent vacation posts was a picture of Monte Carlo . On that post I was asked if we went inside. I was going to get to that, but was beaten to the punch! We arrived at the square and looked around a bit. We could see many of the elite shops where the rich and famous purchased various goods. Across the street to one side of the Monte Carlo was this beautiful hotel,  The Hotel de Paris . It is a five star hotel with luxury rooms that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, the city, the center square and gardens, or the casino. My kind of room, by the sea please! But no, of course we didn't stay there as we were on the cruise ship. Together with the friends from the ship, we decided we wanted to sit and get something cold to drink so we headed directly across the street  to the other side of the Monte Carlo Casino where we spotted a restaurant. Available to us was outside seating and we liked that very much.  The restaurant was the Cafe de Paris. We did the touri

Please Help Save the SSDI!

We need your help!  We are trying to bring attention to this matter to as many genealogists (and non-genealogists) as possible.  I am sure most of you have heard that we may loose access to the SSDI!  Have you signed the petition? Yes, there is a petition to try to stop this from happening ~ We need your support by signing the petition! We have until March 8 to get 25,000 signatures! Why is RPAC initiating a petition with the “We the People” site at the White House? At this time, a key piece of the strategy is to get publicity for our message.  The “We the People” website is a commitment by the Obama Administration to highlight issues that a significant number of Americans feel are important. Those issues are then sent on to decision-makers in Washington who can best implement solutions and improvements. RPAC is using this vehicle to deliver a strong message to the IRS that they have the power to solve this problem  TODAY;  they don’t need legislation and they don’t need to remove p

Family History Writing Challenges

Monte Carlo, Monaco, France, September 2011, photo taken and held by Cheryl Palmer, California. Yes, you read that correctly, I said " Challenges! " I have joined in on not one, but two family history challenges! At the end of January, I attended the first meeting of my local genealogy society's Writers Group! Four days later, I was also participating in an online writers group for the month. There were five of us in attendance at my society's meeting. A few others want to join also, but weren't available for this first meeting. We had a great discussion regarding who we all chose to write about. I was amazed, we managed to zip through two hours in no time! We were there to commit to our writing projects and support one another. Although there isn't a punishment if we don't do it, we all tried to chose an amount of words we hoped to write each month. I was not feeling that I could commit to many words because of how busy I am, but did chose a rathe

A Program Decision ~ Not a Scientific One

I thank everyone who commented on my post here , where I could not decide what family tree program to purchase for my Mac. I learned a few things from those comments, and appreciate the time involved in responding to my post.  Just to be up front and honest, I have no affiliation with any of the family tree programs I have been discussing in that post, or this post today.   I finally made a decision yesterday and purchased   Family Tree Maker Mac 2 . I know everyone is wondering why, and how, I finally came to that decision, right? Well, it wasn't as scientific a decision as it could have been, or that I was apparently trying to make it. Friday night I was signed in to   GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio   on my Mac, nice and early, ready to go. Just before the program was ready to start,  I realized I wasn't logged in with my name, I was logged in as a guest. Now I was fumbling, not knowing really how I ever signed up with the radio program originally, what my passwo