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Great Grandpa's Birthday!

This is a photo of my great grandfather, Joseph John Fleming. He was 82 years old at the time of this photo in 1957. b. November 4, 1875    d. December 17, 1966 He was 91 years old. I remember Grandpa "Joe," which is what we called him. I was 11 years old the last time I saw him. He was very hard of hearing at that time and we were told to look at him and yell! I felt so bad yelling at him, generally adults wanted children to be quiet. It was as if l was mad at him when I yelled. Grandpa Joe was born in Blaine, Pottawatomie, Kansas on November 4, 1875. His mother, Elizabeth Downey was from Ontario, Canada, while his father, Thomas Patrick, immigrated from Kilkenny, Ireland. Thomas and Elizabeth married in Perth, Ontario, Canada in 1857.  Grandpa Joe married my great grandmother, Laura Isabel Hohimer, from Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas, in 1900. Joe and Laura's oldest daughter was born in 1902 in Yale, Oklahoma, where the family settled. The next