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Blog Hackers

I am just devastated for everyone who has had their blogs attacked. So much work, time and energy invested. I have just started my blog and have been reading about what the hackers have been doing, my heart goes out to you. It is unfortunate that people have nothing better to do than cause others stress and pain. It is however a wake up call to all bloggers to have their blogs backed up as with all other genealogy work we do. Bloggers have been talking about how they do their back ups. This has been great, especially for people like me. Timing is good for me, I don't have much to back up yet. I plan to research this and find out what I need to do. I remember reading about Mirror backup, sounds intriguing. I wish those that were attacked, a speedy recovery and hopefully not much heartache getting going again. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Msteri

Change of Plans

I took a day off of work today to add to my long weekend. I had visions of spending the day doing genealogy. Some things I had on my mind were: 1. Go through pictures to find something appropriate to do a carnival 2. Do some actual research 3. Add to my blog and learn more about it 4. Get paperwork together to send for at least one birth certificate 5. Check out the family tree to make a plan of focus 6. Catch up on pod casts and articles 7. Write some articles 8. Learn how to back up my blog The morning started out with a phone call to my father. We had a lengthy conversation which was nice as we hadn't talked in a couple weeks. Towards the end of the conversation he asked if I had his photo album with certain pictures. I told him, "Oh no, I returned that to you!" He couldn't find it, so I said I would double check and make sure I didn't have it. Upon hanging up the phone I went immediately to look for this photo album and sure enough I found the album right awa

Ancestry Magazine Subscription

I recieved a free issue of Ancestry Magazine in the mail today. The cover is advertizing a 50% savings on a years subscription. Only $14.95 for a year, aren't most magazines these days at least $29.95? Sounds like a great deal to me! There are three ways you can place a subscription. 1. Online at 2. Phone at 1-800-442-9056 3. Send name and address along with a check to: Ancestry Magazine 360 West 4800 North Provo, Utah 84604 I haven't subscribed to this magazine before. Browsing the magazine I noticed Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak has a large very exciting looking article and I see there is an article on a breakthough, oh how I love to read breakthrough stories! Those were the first two articles I found on a quick pop open that I look forward to reading! I am sure jut reading Megan's article will make me want to subscribe alone! I am a sucker for magazine subscriptions. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical trea

Family Tree Maker 2009

Randy over at blogged about the Family Tree Maker 2009 release. It looks like FTM is listening to the consumers by adding items customers were wanting. As Randy pointed out, there are other companies making big strides with their programs. FTM will hopefully have a new version that will satisfy it's customers. I want to remind you though, (as most of you probably already know) if you haven't received the notification that they will upgrade your program for free, make sure your program is registered! I received my notification of my free upgrade, I hope this saves at least one person from loosing theirs. Be sure to read Randy's blog to see a list of the upgrades. Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Msteri

My First Discovery

Several years back (2002) while at work I made my first genealogical discovery, and it was quite by accident! The company I was working for had been sold and was going to be shut down. We were in our final few days and there was zero work to do. We did whatever we wanted, basically just to keep busy. One of my co-workers showed me an online website that she used to find family members. I wondered what she meant by that? What would family members be doing on the Internet? She introduced me to the search engine and explained that she would put a name in to see if any information on them would pop up. She typed in a couple examples without success. She offered for me to play with the search engine as she wasn't using it, so I started entering whatever name I could think of, living and deceased people, not having a clue! Well, it didn't take long before I hit pay dirt! I found my paternal grandfather on the Internet! To see his name though really made me wonder why it was the

Genea-Blogger Group Games

Now that I have a blog, I would officially like to congratulate all of the participants involved in the Genea -Blogger Group Games! Thomas, Miriam and Kathryn did a great job organizing this, they should get a Gold Medal for that! fM did an excellent job creating the medals and the participants are what made it happen! Fantastic job with opening ceremonies, music and the closing ceremonies too. I have to admit that I wish my blog had been started sooner as I would have loved to participate. Looking forward to the next round of group games, I really enjoyed following you all with this! Congratulations to everyone involved! And as an added bonus, at least one new blogger joined this community, the games helped convince me. Another gold to you all for that! Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Msteri

Announcing my blog!

Debating whether or not to start a blog has weighed heavily on my mind for some time. Should I or shouldn't I delve into this new adventure? After following so many WONDERFUL blogs for several months I am not sure how I would fit into this new atmosphere, but the desire is there. I made a list of pros and cons to try to help me make a decision about this. Pros: 1. I enjoy writing, especially whatever may be on my feeble mind (although I am not a prolific writer) 2. An arena to organize my thoughts; a so called journal of my activities, research, stories and thoughts 3. A venue to voice my questions, comments and concerns 4. A setting to share my research Cons: 1. Time 2. Commitment 3. Computer issues 4. Writing skills, not experienced 5. Program problems Benefits: 1. Learn, grow and advance my knowledge and skills 2. Practice writing skills, practice makes perfect! Well, maybe not perfect, but I have to start somewhere, right? 3. Obtain feedback and answers in my pursuits 4. Help m