Sentimental Sunday ~ Western Union Telegram

Do you remember telegrams? Western Union Telegrams were a bit before my time. I have scanned the few that were kept and received by my paternal family back in the day. 

This telegram was sent to my grandmother from Obed Olson stating his brother Philip had passed away on Wednesday March 9, 1960. It also let the family know that the funeral services were to be on Saturday at 2:00pm at Coop Mortuary in Hibbing, Minnesota. The telegram was to be received by Friday (which would have been March 11) and the funeral with the funeral being the next day I highly doubt my grandparents made if from California to Minnesota for the funeral.

Philip and Obed Olson were my first cousin once removed. Unfortunately, I never met either of them.

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  1. Nice treasure to have Cheryl. I remember receiving a telegram for something but can't remember what...that was in mid 60s after marriage.

  2. What I find amazing is that our parents kept these things. Bless them.

  3. These are neat to look at! We sure have come along way! Thank you for sharing this Cheryl...I always love old papers and correspondence.

  4. Hi again. Thanks for following me. I joined you too. I never can decide whether it's easier to read my favorites in the reader or from my sidebar, so I added you to that too. Great blog!


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