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Unless you live on the East Coast, how many have heard of a little town in Maine named Bath?

If it weren't for my sister and her family moving there (my brother in law became a professor at the college there), I probably wouldn't have ever been aware of Bath. This past year I have been speaking with my husband about visiting the family and seeing this little town on a vacation. The photos I see are absolutely gorgeous!

Last month, I received notice that the DNA testing showed a new cousin. I went in to explore, finally, but not a name rang a bell to me.  The cousin supposedly was a 3rd generation cousin, but I do not see family meshing, yet.

This is ok, as I have another cousin who was found through the same DNA testing who lives in Finland. He has sent me his tree but I have not find a connection. The problem with that is, my grandfather's father is unknown, so I can't go very far in my tree to find the connection. I did read cousins may have been involved with cousins, which is not a surprise to me anymore. I originally explained to this "cousin" that I didn't see how we had a connection. Several years have passed and I have seen, heard and evaluated many things about this line, of course no real proof to anything really.

Thankfully my Finnish "Lundberg" cousin has stuck with me! He recently got in touch with me on some "probable" circumstances with all make sense to me. Still no proof, but things that bring up past memories, which prompt me to want to dig further again. But, let's put this on hold for a minute.

My birth father's DNA testing has now shared a cousin with me who was born in, are you Bath, Maine! Of course, I do not see where we would connect yet, but won't give up hope! This cousin would be a Westby cousin, my grandmother's line. Both lines of cousins have shown third or fourth generations of connection. 

I have not made contact with anyone in this line, the Westby's, yet. I did notice on the shared family tree an address where a couple of "would be" cousins were born, which prompted me to share the info with my sister, the one who lives there. She immediately replied that she knew the house and walks by it on occasion. The street is behind hers! She googled the house, shared some personal thoughts, and forwarded the link to me ~

My sister knows someone who lives on the street this house is located. She plans to speak to her to see what she can find out about who lives in this house now!

Do you think this gives me another reason to go to Bath, Maine?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. So, you might have New England roots, great! I've been through Bath many times, but it was only last year that we stopped there twice. The second time was just for the library, and I did a blog post on it. BTW, I love this town, and your sister is quite lucky to be living there.

  2. Wouldn't that be something Barbara? I have noticed you have been to Bath before, nice to see that you like it! Thank you for letting me know! If and when I get there, I hope we can hook up also!


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