Talking To Mom On Her Special Day!

On this day I celebrate you, my mother,
I have never had another.
You were taken from us 14 years ago,
Much younger than most parents go.
I hope you are at peace, as I am,
 and are dancing with angels in heaven.

The lessons you gave me in my life,
Unfortunately led to times of strife.
But as an adult, I see differently,
I understand you apparently, 
Were trying to do the best you could,
As any normal parent would.

I miss our talks on the phone,
I was always so glad when you were home.
I'll update you now, though not by phone, 
The family has a few more bones!
A boy and a girl, your great-grandchildren, 
born to my daughter, your granddaughter, Jenn.

Your granddaughter, Jenn, married a few short years 
After you left us, we all had good tears.
Dad married them which was their request,
He did a great job, it truly was the best!
A party it was as the daughter wished,
Her husband, dancing, did not get squished!

Through genealogy I finally figured out
How my "crafty" genes came about!
As time goes on I learn more and more
Even some things that are a bore.
But most of all, I have learned enough
To understand why you were so tough.

One of your dreams was to dance, dance, dance!
I am wishing now you would have had the chance,
To see your great granddaughter, the princess to me,
Share with you something you would love to see.
Most of her young life she is following your dream
She is a competition dancer, taking after you it would seem.

The great-grandson, my prince, is on the quiet side,
If he had his way, he would probably hide.
He plays his sports, not sure which he likes best,
Baseball and soccer and eventually the rest.
 The electronics are favorites of his too
Might be better to take him to the zoo.

The second daughter still lives out of state
And has yet to find the perfect mate.
She has a special child in her life it is true,
Such a blessing for them both as this child grew.
While she hasn't any birth children nor a spouse
The second daughter has bought a house!

Hubby stays busy, with the sports he chooses, 
It is difficult when he feels he looses.
His Harley is different, but we have the memories
Of you asking for a ride and coming home pleased.
Retirement has been good considering his back,
Traveling when we can, without visiting a quack.

And then there is me, how am I doing?
Busier than ever, worse than when I was working!
Loving every minute with the prince and princess,
Not all grandparents are as fortunate as this Mrs.
With genealogy, crafting and electronics these days
I feel I need a schedule to play!

Life has been good, I hope there is much more
Things have me wondering how long I will be here for...
Getting close to the age you were when you passed
Plus dad leaving this world, this August past.
My outlook about life has changed it is true
Narrowing down what is important to do.

Genealogy, as most genealogists know
Is a hobby that is a full time, GO!
Research is important, but organizing is too
So much I have done, yet so much still to do.
I have interviewed, made books, and planned,
I have blogged and shared, wrote my story and scanned.
No matter how much genealogy I do,
My question now is, who do I give it all to?
After all, a genealogist's job is never complete
So who in my family will take a peek?

Time to finish those WIP'S involving my crafts, 
Momentos to remember me by, not just drafts.
I can not have the daughter's think I am a hoarder!
Each family member needs a blanket with a border.
Time to clean up the crafts, there are boxes galore...
Fun products to be made before I close the door.

This isn't the same as talking to you on the phone
But I have now updated you and hopefully shown
We are very lucky, this family of ours
It could be much worse, we could be hanging out in bars!

Though I can no longer see you
You are in my heart and memories too!

Happy Birthday Dear Mom!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

Copyright © 2015 Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved


  1. Cheryl, that is an Once In a Lifetime poem. So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this. Happy Birthday to your mom, and love to you.

  2. Thank you so much Barbara! You are correct, it is a Once in a Lifetime poem! Not sure where it came from actually, but it was meant to be. I appreciate your comment and reading my post! Love to you too!

  3. Cheryl, this poem is absolutely beautiful . . . sending you love and hugs to you.

  4. Can't find Words. .Thanks for sharing this wonderful minds to your mother..

    / Janne L

  5. Cheryl,

    What a beautiful poem to your mother. It made me smile and brought tears to my eyes at the same time. Happy Birthday to your mom.

  6. Thank you Mavis, I appreciate you commenting and letting me know how it made you feel. Hope you are doing well!


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