Erik Söderlund and "Wards"

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On May 10, 1917 the Kristianaford arrived at the port of New York. Erik Söderlund, Signe and Erik Lindberg (Lundberg) were aboard. The list of United States Citizens on the "Kristianafjord" included roughly 20 people. These three were on the list, numbers nine, ten and eleven. Numbers one through eleven were typed on the sheet, after number 11, the names are hand written in.

The list however also shows these three, the only ones, with a line through their names.  Erik Söderlund was listed as having been naturalized at the district court in Vadena, Minn. were he lived and where he was headed. The other two had "d:o" in those columns with also "step father's papers" typed in.

Because Signe and Erik were not United States Citizens they were all moved to the "List Or Manifest Of Alien Passengers For The United States." They were hand written in as the last people who were aliens, numbers 19, 20 and 21. Erik A. Söderlund was a "special inquiry" under "Head -Tax Exemptions." He again is listed as a single male 48 years old. He was a farmer and could read and write. His last permanent residence states the USA. For the name and address of nearest relative in the country from where he came? "Friend ? (looks something like Abest?) Lundberg Vicksjo." The country where he was last citizen shows USA, but scribbled out. There are notes written across and over information of five columns which is difficult to read. I can pick out a couple of words, but not enough to make sense.

Signe J. and Erik Hj. Lundberg are below Erik Söderlund. There, it has been written "wards." The ages 12, and 8 plus all the other columns are marked as expected. They were children from Vicksjo, Sweden. The name and address of nearest relative for them copies what was written for Erik Söderlund.

It is hard to read really, but Signe and Erik Lundberg were stamped and admitted in this country with Erik Söderlund. Of the list of 21, four were stamped "admitted." the other two children were admitted with a parent who claimed being USA born, coming from Canada.

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