Genealogie Do-Over - Week 2: 9-15 January 2015

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Topics for Week 2~
1) Setting Research Goals
2) Conducting a Self Interview
3) Conducting Family Interviews 

This week I have worked on research logs (Using Thomas MacEntee's log, I like it!) for my father and his parents. I, admittedly, never used research logs. Family Group Sheets, research logs and most other genealogy sheets seemed redundant to me. 
If you put all information in your family tree, why would you duplicate that work by filling out logs and other paperwork with the same information?

 Suddenly, now, I understand the process of researching. But why didn't I before? After all, we have Ancestry dot com. You enter a name and you found all of the information associated with that name, right? 

Bottom line, you can do that forever if you wish. I happen to want to know more about my ancestors, I want to uncover their stories. Consequently, I need to be more organized and thorough. So, I have set myself up to use the forms, logs (ex. -research) and sheets (ex.-family group) as they were intended. I love that I can keep them online! The last time I tried to use these forms they needed to be printed and placed in a binder. 

Moving on to the self interview...I admit I did not do the self interview (I am a modified participant) because I have been working on my life story off and on for quite some time. I kind of feel like I have had a "head start" in that regard. After reading Thomas MacEntee's week 2 post, I knew I needed to start a new "To Do List." The first thing to add on the list? Check my story about me and see if I proved my Christening. When and Where? Do I have the document? I do not believe I do....
My new list has been activated, I added three other "To Do" items on the list as well. 

My family interviews - I worked on this with my stepfather and my husband quite a bit this past year. I was following "The Book of Me -Written by You" prompts by Julie Goucher. 

I saved some of dad's interviews on voice recorder, one he wrote out himself and the others were noted by me. I have to say, I was amazed at everything I learned from him by doing this. I learned more about my husband too, as I asked him many of the prompts also. Great prompts! I need to get back to them, sooner rather than later!

My birth parents and grandparents are in heaven now. This week's assignment made me realize I have one aunt and one uncle (I did not grow up around them) that I could and should interview. (This has also been added to my "To Do List.") Time to start working on some of these "To Do's"...

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