Those Places Thursday ~ Scobey, Montana

This is a picture of my grand uncle in law, Thorbjorn Grotte, working the land in Scobey, Montana, in the early 1900's. Farms back then were much smaller, but were the farmers whole livelihood. I wonder how much trouble they had with their equipment... such slow, hard work...

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  1. What a superb picture! Such a different perspective. The farmer on the back part of the equipment seems enormous in comparison to the tractor and barn. I'd love to know the date - or at least an approximation.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very impressive picture. It sure leaves me with the impression of a very hard life with the dried crops in the foreground.

  3. Hi Nolichucky Roots, it is amazing the difference in size, isn't it. I was waiting to see what people would say about it!

    Hi Michelle, I am just happy I didn't have to live through that, as it looks like it was really tough!


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