Wordless Wednesday ~ Joseph John Fleming

Joseph John Fleming, age 82 years, 1957. Location Unknown. Digital Image. Privately held by Msteri, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2008

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  1. Mysteri, doesn't this bring back memories? i, too, have memories of just being fascinated by him... I wonder if that is some healthy, innate respect and awe we are born with for our "elders." Too bad we don't seem to hang on to it enough.

    SISTAH, congrats on this amazing blog. Your hard work and research is a blessing for us all... even though we never say it.

    Much love,

  2. Hi keeg's mom!

    I am glad this gave you some memories, hopefully there will be more! Funny, we have never talked about our feelings and or memories of GGrandpa Joe. I would love to hear yours! (Great for the genealogy files too!) I am happy to hear you appreciate my research!

    Love ya SISTAH!


  3. Oh, dear, it's so amazing that I remember ANYTHING. My memory left the station long ago... Also, I rely on you, being a few years older (sorry) to dig up memories and feelings I may not have been aware of.... Such as, you saying that we were brought up to be pretty quiet, obedient kids, and so it was hard to yell at ggrandpa so he would hear us. That's a very clear impression you had, and I loved reading that.

    I'm going to enjoy following your blog, but I've REALLY enjoyed all your genealogy work, I hope you know that! You have a level of patience I just don't have.

    I'll try to get my memory cranked up again....

  4. Any great stories and or memories you ever come up with I would appreciate hearing! For now until something rattles you, you can let the brain relax and enjoy. Thank you for the support, it is always appreciated, and yes...I am a little older than you.........but
    also more patient! ;-) Speaking of older....you have a Big B'day coming up, now I know why the memory left the station, been there done that!

    Love you



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