Joseph John Fleming-Wordless Wednesday Post 9/2/2008

The picture posted was that of my great grandfather, Joseph John Fleming. He was brought into this world in Blaine, Pottawattomee, Kansas and was of Irish and Canadian heritage. Born 4 November 1875, he was the seventh child blessed to his parents. He eventually migrated to Payne County, Oklahoma and married 1 July 1900. Two daughters and a son were born from this union. He was a laborer and a fireman for an oil refinery.

I remember him as a child. Funny how children perceive things. I remember thinking he was so special because he was so old! I just wanted to stare at him in amazement. He would sit in a chair at my grandfather's house, very observant to all his surroundings. I admired him as I had heard he was so sharp "for his age". The best part was when we talked to him, we got to "yell"! Actually, it was tough for us kids to talk to him as we really had to work at it, we weren't allowed to talk loudly like that to anyone else so it was out of character to try to do so with our great grandfather. He was very hard of hearing at this stage of his life. I remember sitting on his lap and feeling that he really enjoyed us children. I am lucky to have known him and savor my memories.

He passed away 17 Dec. 1966 in Santa Barbara, California at ninety one years of age.

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  1. What a charming picture comes to mind and how, too, it reminds me of early experiences of learning to communicate with a deaf aunt and all of Nana's hearing impaired friends.


  2. Hi Peepsie!

    I am happy my post brought memories to you! I hope in the future they bring more! Thank you so much for the comment, so wonderful to hear from you!



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