Family Tree Maker 2009

Well I opened my e-mail this evening and there was my Thank You from Family Tree Maker along with my free upgrade for Family Tree Maker 2009! I was excited and surprised to see this so soon! I did receive a notice (as all registered FTM 2008 owners did) a couple weeks ago that this would be forthcoming, but seeing is believing!

Personally, I have appreciated and enjoyed my FTM 2008. I am one of the lucky ones who didn't have issues with this version. I may not be as advanced within my tree as others and that could be a reasonable explanation as to why I haven't missed the items that disappeared. My needs at this time have been satisfied and I have been very pleased. Knowing the future would bring new advancements for FTM, it wasn't an issue for me to wait for upgrades.

Although I am sure by now others must have already posted this information on their blogs, for those who have not seen the information I will list the improvements stated that were made, but won't go into details of each ~

New Reports, New Charts, New Functionality with Publishing, Improved Data - Manipulation Tools, Improvements within Research Tools, Import Improvements, Place Improvements, and Source Improvements.

Also stated, we will get the following updates and more automatically as they become available ~

Book Building, Better Member Tree Integration, Improved Relationship Calendar, Source Templates based on Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills, and many others.

The new source templates are very exciting to me. I own Elizabeth Shown Mills book, Evidence Explained. I want to properly site my sources and if the new template follows the book, it will guide me even better with proper sourcing!

I believe FTM made a good marketing decision by giving free versions of 2009 to owners the 2008 version (especially those who have not been satisfied) and I for one will continue being a faithful customer!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I got that e-mail but didn’t get a chance to read it. Thanks for the update. I’ll make sure I upgrade my FTM.

    The only think that I didn’t like is when I downloaded my tree from, I got hits on every name. But the hits was the same info I already had. And having the little leaf next to a name IRRITATES I always have to get rid of it!!! That’s my OCD problem. :D

  2. Hi A. Spence!

    I am glad I was able to notify "someone" that the upgrade came out!

    I understand about the leaf, many times it may be something I already have also, or it doesn't concern the person I am researching. I like them simply because they give me a heads up that there maybe something new that I don't have, and I wouldn't want to miss that! Thank you for sharing! ;-)



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