Dagny's Hat

Source ~ Dagny Dulin, age unknown, date unknown, location unknown. Digital Image. Privately held by Msteri River, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California 2008

Dagny Dulin came from Norway
We still don’t know her whole story.
It is said she left a family of money
Came to the states, which I find funny.

If we knew when this picture was taken
It would help, of that I am not mistaken.
She looks young and I am sure is in the states
But I hesitate to guess for any mistake I may make.

This post though is for “Crowning Glory”
So I won’t continue with this story.
We will check out her hat decked in feathers
Which I am sure is not made of leather.

I wonder, did this hat came from her country
Or did she get it in the U.S. upon her entry?
A hat like this to take and travel
Keeping it safe would be a marvel.

The only picture I own of Dagny in a hat
I treasure this and really think that
Even though she may not be smiling
Her hat gives her some real styling!

Although this photo has been cut and marked with tape
Not taken care of properly, not in the best shape
I chose this photo for you all to see
This is my great grandmother in her Crowning Glory!

Written for the 5th Edition of Smile For the Camera ~ "Crowning Glory".

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I love her hat. Your poem poses lots of great questions.

  2. Msteri,

    What a hat! What a photograph! What a lovely name for a great-grandmother --- Dagny Dulin. Just the name alone is inspiring me to break out in rhymes --- it must be catching. Your poem tribute is wonderful.

    Terry Thornton
    Fulton, MS

  3. Hi Janet and Terry,

    Thank you for the comments! I do have many questions concerning my ggrandmother. I have no idea why a poem came out of this, but that is where my mind seemed to go, maybe it is her name!



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