Change of Plans

I took a day off of work today to add to my long weekend. I had visions of spending the day doing genealogy. Some things I had on my mind were:

1. Go through pictures to find something appropriate to do a carnival
2. Do some actual research
3. Add to my blog and learn more about it
4. Get paperwork together to send for at least one birth certificate
5. Check out the family tree to make a plan of focus
6. Catch up on pod casts and articles
7. Write some articles
8. Learn how to back up my blog

The morning started out with a phone call to my father. We had a lengthy conversation which was nice as we hadn't talked in a couple weeks. Towards the end of the conversation he asked if I had his photo album with certain pictures. I told him, "Oh no, I returned that to you!" He couldn't find it, so I said I would double check and make sure I didn't have it. Upon hanging up the phone I went immediately to look for this photo album and sure enough I found the album right away. Prompt phone call back to him, very embarrassed, to tell him he could quit looking as I found the album. He was relieved it was found and never complained, I have the most wonderful father! He wanted to send a copy of one of the pictures in the album to his best friend across the country. The least I could do was scan it and send it in an e-mail which I did.

I borrowed this album a couple years ago. It is one I put together for him, maybe six years ago, the pictures had been stored loose in a plastic bag (horrors of horrors) prior to that. The intention now was to scan the pictures, which of course I have never done. Shame on me! Needless to say, my plans went on the wayside and I spent the rest of the day, removing photos, scanning, labeling and returning the pictures to it's rightful place. I figured I could get the album done today. Of course that didn't happen. I scanned about half the album, not realizing how many photos were there. I know I scanned over 100 photos, and have close to that still to do.

These are pictures of my gggrandfather all the way down to my father. There are pictures of my ggrandmother on down. Other family members also include, aunts, uncles, cousins, and sisters. It really is a treasure trove and should have been scanned long ago! Thirty lashes with a wet noodle to me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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