Announcing my blog!

Debating whether or not to start a blog has weighed heavily on my mind for some time. Should I or shouldn't I delve into this new adventure? After following so many WONDERFUL blogs for several months I am not sure how I would fit into this new atmosphere, but the desire is there. I made a list of pros and cons to try to help me make a decision about this.

1. I enjoy writing, especially whatever may be on my feeble mind (although I am not a prolific writer)
2. An arena to organize my thoughts; a so called journal of my activities, research, stories and thoughts
3. A venue to voice my questions, comments and concerns
4. A setting to share my research

1. Time
2. Commitment
3. Computer issues
4. Writing skills, not experienced
5. Program problems

1. Learn, grow and advance my knowledge and skills
2. Practice writing skills, practice makes perfect! Well, maybe not perfect, but I have to start somewhere, right?
3. Obtain feedback and answers in my pursuits
4. Help me to focus and accomplish more with my genealogy
5. Communicate with the online genealogical community

Time and commitment are major concerns for me yet I haven't found any rules that state you must post to your blog everyday as many other diligent bloggers do. Computer and or program issues will have to be dealt with as they come up, if need be I will solicit help to fix any issues. I also have not seen it stated anywhere that a blogger has to be say, a "Gold Medal" writer (had to throw that in as the 2008 Summer Olympics closed last night) in order to have a blog.

In conclusion, I have found there are more combined benefits than negatives, so I am officially announcing the beginning of my blog, "Heritage Happens". Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. Msteri, I "lurked" for quite a while before finally starting my blog and had many of the same concerns that you listed. The pros far outweigh the cons. There are no rules as far as when or how often you blog, that is part of what makes it nice.

    Congratulations on starting your blog and I wish you luck with it.

  2. Hi Becky,I agree with you whole heartedly, I am happy I have started! With all you great roll models out there that I have "lurked" with it made me apprehensive to say the least! Thank you for your comment and good wishes! Msteri

  3. I've been a blogger for some time but recently started (march '08) my family blog. Blogging is a great way to keep your thoughts in order.

  4. Hi A. Spence, Thank you for coming by and for the comment! Congratulations on your new blog! I plan to check out your blog and add it to my list of blogs! Thank you for making me aware of it! Msteri

  5. Hi Msteri,

    Just write, write, write about whatever you want. After a month or so you'll think "well, I've written everything I know about, what can I write about now?"

    That's when you'll find out if being a blogger is what you really want to do.

    All of your reasons to blog are valid, and we've all gone throguh them. for me, I use the blog to help other researchers (especailly my society folks) and to put my family history on the Internet for my daughters and brothers and cousins to find. They are really not interested even after 28 months of putting it out there.

    Good luck on your writing, and try not to let it take over your genealogy life. I spend 1 to 2 hours a day just blogging it seems - I'm used to it and it is something I usually look forward to - except when I have bloggers cramp!

  6. Hi Randy, thank you for your comments, I agree with what you said. In time I will know if this is for me or not. So far I am enjoying it, but then it is in infancy. I really appreciate the time you and other bloggers have taken to leave comments, especially when I know how busy you are and the commitment of time you spend to do what you do. Your blogs inspire me! Even if your children don't appreciate or follow what you do, there are many others out there who do! I also love the words you come up with! Msteri

  7. What a wonderful beginning. I look forward to reading more articles. Good luck to a special friend.

  8. Barbara,

    Thank you my special friend, I hope you enjoy!



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