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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does Your Genealogy Blog Need To Be Added To My Blog List?

I have now gone through my blog list and updated it. I deleted those blogs whose links were changed or deleted. I have approximately 100 blogs listed, and knowing there are at least 300 more, I have decided it would take to much time for me to go through and find addresses for each of those blogs.

So, what I have decided is this, if you have made it to my blog and you notice your blog is not listed on my blog list and you would like it to be added, please leave me a comment or email me with your blog address, and I will add it to my list.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Updates

I have spent a good portion of the evening doing some spring cleaning of my blog. I am proceeding to go through the blog links I have to make sure they are current and still working. I am about half way through them, so not done yet. I have also added a few new blog links. There are so many blogs now, I am not sure I will ever get through them all, but I am certainly going to try. I understand there are over 400 genealogy blogs that belong to the Genea-Bloggers group alone.

I recently joined Twitter, maybe a few weeks ago? I am still learning to use it but so far it is fun, handy and informative! I have added some information from my Twitter account to the side panel of this blog. If you have a Twitter account you can follow me, my user name is Cherpal.

My Facebook account has also needed some tender loving care so I have worked a tiny bit with it. I need to clean it up and respond to so many requests still though! Please feel free to add me as a Facebook friend. You can find me on Facebook as Cheryl Fleming Palmer.

I also wanted to let you know, if you don't already, that I have a second blog. My second blog is The Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County. Have you heard of the Graveyard Rabbits? I am a charter member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits. Here is a description of what we are all about.

"An association dedicated to the academic promotion of the historical importance of cemeteries, grave markers, and the family history to be learned from a study of burial customs, burying grounds, and tombstones; and the social promotion of the study of cemeteries, the preservation of cemeteries, and the transcription of genealogical/historical information written in cemeteries."

Feel free to browse the rabbit site! I added a post to that site today. You can subscribe and join as a follower if you so choose. I would like to add more links and things to that blog also. It all takes time, but it is fun to see the progress, slow but sure. Check it out!

Actually I should say it is all a work in progress!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looking Bleak...

I am not trying to be a pessimist, but things may be looking a little bleak as far as receiving Madie Miner's birth certificate. I just looked at my bank account and the check has not been cashed at this point. It has been two and a half weeks. I will keep my fingers crossed that they are just busy and haven't been able to research for it yet. Still have my hopes up!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Blogging Prompt - #16

Week #16: Goals. Not just for resolutions anymore. Write down your genealogy goals. Then you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished

My Goals~
1. Finish scanning documents
2. Somehow, obtain my grandmother's birth certificate
3. Enter all recently acquired information into my Family Tree
4. Work on sources in my tree
5. Locate some specific graves
6. Remove all pictures from non archival safe photo albums and scan those pictures I want scanned (This will be a major project)
7. Visit the Family History Library
8. Attend the SoCal Jamboree
9. Transcribe records and letters I have received that are in Norwegian
10. Attend more society meetings
11. Catch up on others blogs and leave comments (some I have trouble trying to leave a message on regarding their post, and others I tend to read, but get to busy to take time to leave a comment)
12. Do the weekly blogging prompts in the correct weeks! (I may have gotten behind a few times, but I am still doing them!)
13. File the box of paperwork I have most recently scanned.
14. Just remembered, I have another box of pictures also to go through and scan
15. Learn to be a good Twitterer
16. Remember to thank all of my readers and followers throughout the year
17. Attend Scanfest more often (I hope I can do this, Sunday's are just not my best days for genealogy)
18. Get back to entering carnivals, I sure miss them!
19. Post more of my documentation and findings on my blog
20. And did I mention, I have a LOT of pictures to still scan????

I could actually go on for a long time, but I will choose to stop at this point as I am wearing myself out thinking about all I want to do! After all, I don't want to loose the fun in genealogy, do I?

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blogging Prompt - #15 - Lundberg, Fleming

Week #15: List some vital signs. Talk about specific birth, marriage and death certificates. Topics may include misspelled names, fudged dates, other anomalies that stand out in your records.

I don't have many marriage certificates, and just a few death certificates. I primarily have birth certificates. Off the top of my head I can not remember anything specific that stands out with any of the birth certificates I have. They are closed up in my safe right now, and it would take me awhile to pull and look at them at this point. I do not have them all scanned yet, but this is a good reminder to scan those documents which haven't been.

I can comment on my own birth certificate however. I grew up as Cheryl Fleming. For the first sixteen years of my life that is how I knew myself. Then one evening my mother came in my room to talk to me. She was having a very difficult time telling me what she wanted to tell me, it took awhile. When it finally came out, she explained that my birth name was not Fleming, but Lundberg. It tore her up to tell me this.

I was not surprised however, I had already figured it out. It was to bad my mother didn't stop to think that I might have been smart enough to know this by now, maybe then it wouldn't have torn her up so much trying to tell me. My issue was why did it take her so long to talk about it? I know she had her reasons and I pretty much figured out why. After that, I continued to be a Fleming.

Several years later, when I needed my birth certificate for the first time, it was a real shock for me to look at it. My biological father was listed on it, and my last name said Lundberg. Adjustment time! Even though I knew my birth name, not having used it all those years, you tend to forget it is something different. After all I was Cheryl Fleming, that is who I grew up to be.

My biological father had been in and out of my life due to varying circumstances. Thankfully, the last few years of his life, he was in mine. Even still, to this day, when I look at my birth certificate, it sets my mind a wondering and seems so strange. It also makes me think of all of the last names I have had in my life, add two for marriages.

I am the lucky one though as I had two fathers who have each totally loved me, always.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am Doing The Genealogy Happy Dance!

It has been awhile since I have done the genealogy happy dance, but I sure went at it today, and what fun I had!

I had someone contact me who found me through this blog. (Reminder that blogging is good!) We shared information and pictures. The funny thing is, she is not related, at least as far as I know. She is doing some personal research and ran across my GGrandfather, Paul Harding (Gustavsen), here in my blog, which intrigued her for the project she is working on. She emailed me and the rest is history!

Our families at one point or another knew each other. She had a picture she shared of my family, which I already had. But, she shared so much information that I didn't have. She was trying to find my GGGrandfather but was having difficulty. I hadn't researched any of this myself yet, although I was given some info regarding this several years ago. We collaborated and she found him in Norway.

She sent me so much information! I found that some of my information I had been given was not quite correct, but now I have proof of the real stuff! There are dates and siblings that I need to check against my research, to see what I don't have and to verify what I do. After she emailed me last evening, she decided to do some research on my GGrandmother, Dagny Harding, nee Dulin. She found a lot of information regarding her and her family, and shared all of that with me also!

The most interesting part - she found my blog post about when I went to Pennsylvania and found my GGrandfather's house. I am almost convinced her aunt actually may have owned and or lived in the same house! We are sharing pictures of the house now.

She is so happy she found me, and I am beyond thrilled that she found me! I am very anxious to go through this new information and to see what else we can learn from each other. Have to admit, blogging is a grand way to make contacts! I thank K. for contacting me and for sharing so much!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Wordless Wednesday

Dad's yard. Auburn, California. March 28, 2009. Digital photo. Owned by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Annette N. Fleming nee Harding

Annette N. Fleming gravestone. Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery, Hayward, California. October 27, 2008. Digital Photo taken by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

Annette Neva Harding was born October 23, 1936 in Oakland, Alameda, California. She passed away as Annette Neva Fleming on January 7, 2001 in Hayward, Alameda, California.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogging Prompt - Week #14

Week #14: Talk about the different types of technology you use in your genealogy research. Whether it’s a new search engine, a special application, or anything else “2.0,” let readers know what you’re working with, and how it’s working for you.

I use Family Tree 09 Software for my family tree. I have spent most of the past year or two collecting pictures, information from newly found family members, scanning and organizing besides taking classes. Because I have been focusing on all of this, I haven't actually done a lot of research per se.

Technology wise I would have to say I use the most, besides my blog. I have made a few connections with my blog, so that is very exciting. I have found quite a number of censuses on Ancestry and other information. (I have also been transcribing censuses)

Besides this blog, I have a Facebook Account and have recently added a Twitter account, which I am still becoming familiar with. I really like reading others blogs along with with the magazine subscriptions I receive as I get great tips and ideas from them. I try to keep up with all the new sites on the web and look forward to subscribing to Footnote and Genealogy Bank. When I feel I will get my money's worth (when I have the time and can use the accounts fully) I will subscribe. There are so many sites on the web I still would like to explore also.

When I feel my tree is in proper order, (I hear most never really feel it is in proper order-mostly still need to get those sources correct) then I will figure out where to post my tree. Your best suggestions on that would be appreciated!

Actually, I am not very in tune with all of the newest 2.0 sites and such, but have been very busy with my scanner and new camera! (I am trying to find time to learn Adobe Photoshop) Do classes count? I have taken several over the past couple years! :-) I am happy with my progress considering I started from scratch and collected a lot of information. Sometimes I wish I would progress a little faster, as I really would like to get to more researching! At least, at some point and time I will have everything organized that I have now and can more forward feeling comfortable doing it.

Now, on to check out some of the other blogs and what their 2.0 info is! I am sure I will find something new to explore!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Genealogist's Life! (SNGF)

It's Saturday Night Fun with Randy Seaver and Genea-Musings! The following is from Randy~

It's Saturday Night - are you ready for your weekly dose of Genealogy Fun? I hope so!

I was reading my 450 blog subscriptions on Bloglines this morning (not all post every day, of course) and noticed Robert Baca's post
Poetry and Genealogy. Aha, said I, that's a SNGF challenge! After all, Genea-Musings readers are surely the most creative, playful, helpful and intelligent folks in the genealogy world.

Here's your challenge for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: 1) Create a poem - rhyming, free verse, doggerel, limerick, etc. - about genealogy research, whether general or specific. 2) Post it on your blog, on Facebook, in Comments to this post so all of the world can appreciate your creativity.

Have fun!

Ok, I, decided to have some fun with Randy so here is my poem~

A Genealogist's Life

Genealogy, oh to describe it
Searching relatives and their story
We uncover information bit by bit
And then sit in all our glory.

In census records we scan
Our family members and neighbors
Every woman, child and man
To find that info we will savor.

Newspaper clippings are up our alley
We dig into them and scour
Hoping to find the city or maybe valley
Where our relatives spent every hour.

Through cemeteries we stroll
Checking lots of headstones
In every crook and knoll
Not wanting to see the bones.

Libraries and Family History Centers
Are places we constantly visit
Seems as if they are our mentors
I think it must be Kismet.

Documents are more than a fantasy with us
We dream of them all night
Hoping they show up without much fuss
And the results are very bright.

The life of a genealogist is heaven
Oh the treasures that we find
Are worth much more than you can imagine
That’s what keeps us at the grind!

It was fun Randy, thank you for posting the SNGF themes!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogy Treasure hunts!


DearMYRTLE'S Get Organized - April 2009

I had been watching for the April post on Dear Myrtle's site for some time, but didn't see it had been posted. Of course when I tend to be busy and away for a bit (my granddaughter being born) it posted! So, I am not sure when it posted to her site, but I found it last night and wanted to get the April edition's link out to you. I apologize that it is so late in the month, means lots of catching up to do. Here is the link for the April edition. Remember, if you can organize at least something, it is better than nothing! Enjoy!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Newest Addition!

I have been pre-occupied as of late. Easter of course was a big day in itself. The following day my daughter was scheduled for a planned C-section. Our new granddaughter was born Monday morning. Her name is Olivia Giselle. She weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz and was 19 3/4 in. She was born with a ton of hair, and very dark! Completely different from my grandson. She has long fingers and toes and is beautiful!

My grandson spent the nights with us. During the days I was at the hospital helping my daughter, especially when her husband needed a break or couldn't be there. On Wednesday late evening mom and daughter were allowed to go home. As she puts it, she came to "the half way house" the first night. This was my house, the next step to her going home!

The plan was her husband and son would go home and she and the baby would stay with us so I could help her. Turned out they got here so late that the grandson was asleep, so he stayed also. What a surprise he had when he woke up to find his mom and new sister here! This day was also my daughter's birthday, and it was a big one. Unfortunately her birthday was put on hold for a bit, there was enough going on.

It was interesting taking care of everyone, and my dog. The dog had some adjustments to make also. I hadn't slept much in a couple days and it reminded me of how much sleep new mothers loose.

My daughter and her family went home yesterday afternoon. The new baby needed to be introduced to the 3 dogs, 5 cats and her new home, and mommy wanted a shower in her own bathroom ever so badly!

Today Olivia and my daughter were both checked out by the doctors. Olivia's counts for jaundice has gone up since leaving the hospital. She needs to go back on Sunday to be checked again. We are all trying to keep her in some light.

My grandson Drayden is having some adjusting of his own. He loves his baby sister. If you ask him what her name is, he says "baby sister." He is two and a half. Even though he loves his new sister, he is missing mommy time and the attention. He is also not feeling his best, has a runny nose and cough. And then he is two, (that wonderful age) so between everything he is having a bit of a rough time. Tough for dad to take care of them all, and the animals.

I went over today and gave my daughter her birthday present and a cake and brought both of the children new PJ'S. My son in law took all three BIG dogs for a walk, taking advantage of my time being there. Drayden took me for a walk while he rode his bike. I was only there an hour, but I can see it is tough at their house. I wanted to bring my grandson home for the night, but he has missed his mommy and daddy so much that I didn't even attempt it.

I was exhausted by the time my daughter and her family went home yesterday. I took a three hour nap, got up for three hours and was back in bed for the night. I feel for my daughter as she is only getting about three hours sleep a night. I suppose that is why the YOUNG women have babies, they supposedly can handle it. It makes my mind wander thinking about mothers and babies being born several decades, or even centuries ago. What those mothers and babies must have gone through!

My son in law is off for a few weeks, but I know I will be helping out as needed. Sunday I will have Drayden again while they at least go to the next Dr. appt. Cooking, cleaning, babysitting, whatever it takes, I will be there to assist. Blogging may be intermittent for awhile, I hope you understand. Looks like I will be playing catch up again on just about everything!

I do however want to share our newest with you. Here is a picture of Olivia, about 4 hours old. Check out the hair!

Olivia, four hours old. Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, Ca. April 13, 2009. Digital photo taken by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter. April 11, 2009. Digital Image by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] Ca. 2009

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Archive of Free Genealogy Documents

Have you been over to Genealogy Bank's archive of free documents yet? There are passenger lists from 1819/1820, naturalization lists printed in newspapers, Navy Obituaries for 1883 and more. You will even find a newspaper article of the first Mother's Day and the first Father's Day. When you head over to Genealogy Bank's website which is here, all you need to do is type in your full name and e-mail address in order to get access to the free documents. Give it a try, you never know what you may find!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Applying for a Delayed Birth Certificate #2

As you may remember I applied for a Delayed Birth Certificate for my grandmother from the State of North Dakota, and my application and paperwork were returned. You can read that post here.

This morning I called the North Dakota Department of Health and spoke to the woman who returned my application. I asked her how in the world is anyone suppose to put a stamp in the tiny area they want the Notary's Seal placed? (The area they give the Notary to place their stamp is just under 1/4 inch in height. I measured the stamp and it is just over 3/4 inch in height.) This woman told me that they can't accept applications without the stamp where they want it. She said they get asked that all the time, but people find a Notary who has a stamp that will fit in that area. So I asked her why, if they want the stamp there, don't they give you a larger area? She had no answer. In the end she informed me that the stamp can be placed over the Notary's signature, no problem. I explained that I was told the Notary's aren't allowed to do that here is California. So, she said I will just have to find one that has a small enough stamp then. Ho Hum.

The information in the notary's stamp includes, the name, commission number, "Notary Public-California ????? County", and the date the Notary's commission expires. I don't see how there could ever be a stamp small enough to fit and still include all of that information.

I pulled out the phone book and called a different Notary than the one who had notarized my original paperwork. I explained the situation to him and he said if they allow the stamp to be over the name, he could do it. I headed on over to show him the dilemma. He was amazed at the area for the stamp and felt there couldn't be a stamp small enough.

When I explained the phone conversation, and showed him the detailed notes I took, he said, "Well, if they allow it, we can try." The new form now has his written info and the seal stamped over it. He also placed the woman's name, title and information in the book in case there were any issues over what he had done. When I left he asked if I would return to let him know how it turned out. I told him I would.

In the meantime, I also found out that as of sometime last year, I honestly don't remember the date the Notary told me, the State of California has made it mandatory to fill out a "California All-Purpose Acknowledgment" form. It is also signed and stamped by the Notary, and includes my signature and thumbprint. I find it strange that I didn't get this form when I sent in the first application. This Notary explained that the State of North Dakota may not accept or want this form, but it is mandatory for the State of California. So in the envelope it went with the rest of the paperwork. It is all in the mail again as of today.

I have made copies and notes of everything. So far this has cost me just under $45.00 to try to receive my grandmother's birth certificate. I am expecting the application will once again be returned, explaining the stamp covered to much and they couldn't read what was written by the Notary. Then I will have to figure out my next plan of focus.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Roger Breyhan

Roger Breyhan Headstone. March 20, 2009. Lone Tree Cemetery. Digital Image. Privately held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

Roger Edward Breyhan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 5, 1936. He passed of a massive heart attack on April 20, 1997 in Alameda County, California. Roger was my “Uncle In Law” whom unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet. I recently found out he was buried at Lone Tree Cemetery in Hayward. My aunt was kind enough to take me up there to show me exactly where he rests.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Blogging Prompt #13

Week #13: Have expertise in a specific area of study? Share your knowledge! If you’ve lived in the same town for 60 years, you have something to share. If you’re a librarian in your day job, you have something to share. If you read Civil War history books for fun, you have something to share. If you’re walking on this Earth, you have something to share.

My expertise in a specific area of study does not, unfortunately, involve genealogy. I am still in the stage of learning with this field. I try to grasp everything I can from all of the wonderful blogs I read and enjoy. As I go along and learn, I do try to share what I have learned.

I have shared about Immigration records a bit, Dan Lynch's "Google Your Family Tree," information from classes I have taken, and some of my own genealogy. I have assisted "newbies" in blogging, and trust me I am no expert on blogging, however I can get them started! Beyond that, I know where to refer them!

My tip would be for "newbies" in genealogy to follow genealogy blogs! They are so much fun! It is unbelievable what you can learn! And if you so choose, start your own blog! Follow and participate in meme's, carnivals, Saturday Night Fun, Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and more!

Sometimes I may be a little lax posting to my own blog, but mostly that is because I like to spend time catching up on all of the other blogs! Genea-Bloggers group is definitely a group to join, if you are a blogger and haven't done so already. The information there alone will keep you busy, teach you more about blogging and the addiction of this wonderful hobby of genealogy. The group is a fun loving, great group of bloggers who support one another and have information to share.

There was a negative thought or two reently posted about genealogy blogs, by one person in particular. Apparently, he doesn't know much about genealogy, blogging and the camaraderie! (That's my two cents about that!) I am hear to say that I thoroughly recommend checking out these blogs! You will meet some wonderful people and learn something along the way, trust me! I personally would like to thank all the genealogy bloggers, especially the "Old-Timers" who have encouraged me along my way, and taught me in ways I wouldn't have imagined.

There are several places you can go to find genealogy blogs. There is The Genealogy Blog Finder, Cindy's List, Genealogy Blogs, and of course, you can use Google to find more. These are a few ideas to get you started. Have fun and enjoy the wonderful world of genealogy blogging!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday Night Fun! Show Us Your Genealogy Space!

Randy over at Genea-Musings has been challenging Genea-Bloggers to some Saturday night fun. I have wanted to participate but have found that Saturday nights are generally inconvenient for me. I saw that Thomas over at Destination Austin Family chose to do his post today in order to get better photos for the post. What a great idea I thought! Why can't I post the following day? I think I will! So here you have my first post for Saturday Night Fun! Here is Randy's challenge for last night:

Here's the challenge for tonight:

1) Take a digital picture of your Genealogy Space - whether it is a table, desk, bookcase, whatever. Take more than one if you want.

2) Show off your Genealogy Space to all of us in a blog post showing your digital pictures. If you aren't blogging or don't want to show us your pictures, go to 3) below without passing Go or collecting another ancestor.

3) Tell us something about your Genealogy Space. How long does it take you to find something? Are you thinking of reorganizing your space?

Ok, I took some pictures, during day light before I left for a birthday party this afternoon. I noticed one picture of my printer didn't turn out as there was to much light for the shot. But, I do have plenty of other shots for you.

This is my little corner in the family room where my laptop sits and I spend most of my time on the computer. You can see the basket on the floor which houses most of the current things I am reading (magazines, books, etc.) and or projects I am working on. The purpose of having my laptop here is so I can spend more time with my husband, instead of being locked up in the other room. Ha! Does it really matter? He watches TV, I am on the computer, he falls asleep and I am up til heaven knows when, still on the computer! Now, he may wake, say good night and head to bed, but other than that I am not sure we even acknowledge the other one is there! It was just a good excuse to get my laptop! ;-)

Now, truthfully, I should be spending time in the office doing my genealogy. I have a very nice desk to work on which has pull outs to add extra table space. Here is a picture of the office, but you won't see the area where my printer is or my husband's computer, that is the picture that the camera decided you all weren't suppose to see.

You can see I have a file cabinet to the left of my desk and a printer, fax machine, phone on top of the filing cabinet. The cabinet has folders with surnames and basically holds things that need to be filed in binders, or possibly something I maybe currently working with. Now I know you must be saying, "Oh that is great, she isn't showing us the inside of the desk! What a mess it must be!" Normally you would be right! But, for once, the inside of my desk is pretty darned clean. It just so happens I must have known with my sixth sense that Randy would be doing this fun event, so I purposely cleaned it a couple weeks ago! (I wish that sixth sense would work for my genealogy!) So, to be fair, I took a photo of the inside of my desk so you can see how clean it actually is! It may never be like this again, so please enjoy! :-)

I have a book case on the opposite wall from my desk where I use to keep my binders and books. But when I cleaned I moved everything from the bookcase to the closet. My husband kept putting his stuff in the bookcase also, what a mess that became! Husbands...we can't live with them, and we can't live without them! I decided in order to keep my things how I wanted them, I would let him have the bookcase, so here is what I now have in the closet. Half of the closet has a couple shelves on the lower end where I have family binders, magazines and a couple photo albums I need to scan. The second shelf has periodicals, page protectors, paper and odds and ends. Under those shelves I have a box which contains pictures I need to go through and scan.

Next is the other side of the closet. It has one shelf which contains my reference books and binders, which hold the paperwork to the classes I have taken. I need to label the sides of the binders, although I have labeled the fronts of them already. Low and behold! I find I have space under this shelf on the floor! I am sure I can find SOMETHING to fill it up with!

Now that you have seen my office and my corner in the family room, I need to let you know that I don't confine my genealogy work to just two rooms, oh no! I also occupy the dining room table from time to time! It just so happens that I am indeed occupying it right now! Shoot, I guess that means no guests for dinner...darn! You will also see a birthday gift on the table, but it is no longer there, so no, the gift wasn't for you this time, so sorry!

This is the main scanner I use. There are pictures sitting right next to the scanner so when I get a few minutes I can scan a few photos! The picture immediately following this one of the dining room table, shows a basket on the floor, which contains pictures and things I have recently scanned and now needs filing.

Now, don't you all use more than one place in your house to do genealogy? Or am I the only one who does? Honestly, I think I do pretty well, I could be using all the other bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, or even the bathrooms! Hum, this reminds me, I am using a closet that contains a safe which holds all of my genealogy certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, etc. I feel they are safer in there in case of water or fire. I wonder if my husband realizes how much space is consumed by genealogy? Oh geez, another closet full of albums that need to be scanned...I am going to quit thinking about this now...

Ok, I do have one last photo for you. I just had to add this one. If you have read Thomas's post(his site is listed above, and nice job Thomas, I just saw what you did, looks awesome!) you would know that he doesn't like his back up hard drive to sit on the floor and get dusty and dirty. Hum, I think I need to take a lesson from him....mine is on the floor. Sigh. Ok, now, please do me a favor and don't look closer at this photo, I am sure if you do, you will see all the dust and dirt Thomas is talking about! Thanks for not looking! (Actually, I am sure there is dust in most of the pictures!)

Thank you for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blogging Prompt #12 - Lundberg, Soderlund

The blogging prompt for week #12 is ~

"Use your blog to break down a brick wall. Posting may ring a bell with a reader. Maybe you will make a connection in five minutes. Maybe it will take two years. Either way, asking for help is the first step to knocking down that wall."

The brick wall I want to share with you is one I really haven't attempted to research to much yet. The research will involve jumping to another country and this will be new to me.

My great grandmother is Marta Brita Lundberg. I posted a photo of her here. This is what I know about her.

She was born December 23, 1883, in Viksjo(I have seen this spelled many ways) or Lerum, Sweden. I believe she died in 1925 in Viksjo. When she was 21 she gave birth to a daughter, Signe Kristina Lundberg (1904). When she was 26, she gave birth to her son, Hjalmer (Erik) Lundberg (April 4, 1909). I believe they were both born in Viksjo. I do not know who the father(s) were of these children. They were each given their mother's last name.

I have information that Marta was on the "Victorian" when she left Liverpool, England. She arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on December 1, 1911. She then crossed the Canadian border to the US to see her friend Erik Soderlund in Verdale, Minnesota.

In 1917 Erik brought Marta's children to the United States, I am thinking to give them a better life? Marta was again on a ship to come to the US in 1937. This time she traveled on the "Kungsholm" and left from Gothenburg on May 18. The passenger manifest for alien passengers of this voyage states that Marta was born in Lerum, Sweden. It also states that her last address was in Lidingo, Sweden.

I need to verify her birth place. It would be wonderful if I could find out who the children's father's were. How does Erik Soderlund fit into the picture? Who was he in relation to Marta? Where was Marta baptized? Is her mother Brita Lundberg? Could her father possibly be Henrick Persson? What county is the cities she may have been born in?

I haven't exhausted researching in the US yet. I need to check out maps, verify info, and continue researching, but this is the info I have so far, and look forward to finding out more about my great grandmother!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Granddaughter's baby afghan. Date February 23, 2009. Digital Image by Cheryl. Privately held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009