A Genealogist's Life! (SNGF)

It's Saturday Night Fun with Randy Seaver and Genea-Musings! The following is from Randy~

It's Saturday Night - are you ready for your weekly dose of Genealogy Fun? I hope so!

I was reading my 450 blog subscriptions on Bloglines this morning (not all post every day, of course) and noticed Robert Baca's post
Poetry and Genealogy. Aha, said I, that's a SNGF challenge! After all, Genea-Musings readers are surely the most creative, playful, helpful and intelligent folks in the genealogy world.

Here's your challenge for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: 1) Create a poem - rhyming, free verse, doggerel, limerick, etc. - about genealogy research, whether general or specific. 2) Post it on your blog, on Facebook, in Comments to this post so all of the world can appreciate your creativity.

Have fun!

Ok, I, decided to have some fun with Randy so here is my poem~

A Genealogist's Life

Genealogy, oh to describe it
Searching relatives and their story
We uncover information bit by bit
And then sit in all our glory.

In census records we scan
Our family members and neighbors
Every woman, child and man
To find that info we will savor.

Newspaper clippings are up our alley
We dig into them and scour
Hoping to find the city or maybe valley
Where our relatives spent every hour.

Through cemeteries we stroll
Checking lots of headstones
In every crook and knoll
Not wanting to see the bones.

Libraries and Family History Centers
Are places we constantly visit
Seems as if they are our mentors
I think it must be Kismet.

Documents are more than a fantasy with us
We dream of them all night
Hoping they show up without much fuss
And the results are very bright.

The life of a genealogist is heaven
Oh the treasures that we find
Are worth much more than you can imagine
That’s what keeps us at the grind!

It was fun Randy, thank you for posting the SNGF themes!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogy Treasure hunts!



  1. Oh Cheryl,

    You is a poet and now everyone will know it!

    Thank you for you kind thoughts and words. Come Hell or high water, we are still going to Jamboree in June!

  2. You did good Sheri! I like that one!

    I am thinking of you and know we will be going to Jamboree! Thank you for taking time to comment! hope all is well!


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