Blogging Prompt - #15 - Lundberg, Fleming

Week #15: List some vital signs. Talk about specific birth, marriage and death certificates. Topics may include misspelled names, fudged dates, other anomalies that stand out in your records.

I don't have many marriage certificates, and just a few death certificates. I primarily have birth certificates. Off the top of my head I can not remember anything specific that stands out with any of the birth certificates I have. They are closed up in my safe right now, and it would take me awhile to pull and look at them at this point. I do not have them all scanned yet, but this is a good reminder to scan those documents which haven't been.

I can comment on my own birth certificate however. I grew up as Cheryl Fleming. For the first sixteen years of my life that is how I knew myself. Then one evening my mother came in my room to talk to me. She was having a very difficult time telling me what she wanted to tell me, it took awhile. When it finally came out, she explained that my birth name was not Fleming, but Lundberg. It tore her up to tell me this.

I was not surprised however, I had already figured it out. It was to bad my mother didn't stop to think that I might have been smart enough to know this by now, maybe then it wouldn't have torn her up so much trying to tell me. My issue was why did it take her so long to talk about it? I know she had her reasons and I pretty much figured out why. After that, I continued to be a Fleming.

Several years later, when I needed my birth certificate for the first time, it was a real shock for me to look at it. My biological father was listed on it, and my last name said Lundberg. Adjustment time! Even though I knew my birth name, not having used it all those years, you tend to forget it is something different. After all I was Cheryl Fleming, that is who I grew up to be.

My biological father had been in and out of my life due to varying circumstances. Thankfully, the last few years of his life, he was in mine. Even still, to this day, when I look at my birth certificate, it sets my mind a wondering and seems so strange. It also makes me think of all of the last names I have had in my life, add two for marriages.

I am the lucky one though as I had two fathers who have each totally loved me, always.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


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