I Am Doing The Genealogy Happy Dance!

It has been awhile since I have done the genealogy happy dance, but I sure went at it today, and what fun I had!

I had someone contact me who found me through this blog. (Reminder that blogging is good!) We shared information and pictures. The funny thing is, she is not related, at least as far as I know. She is doing some personal research and ran across my GGrandfather, Paul Harding (Gustavsen), here in my blog, which intrigued her for the project she is working on. She emailed me and the rest is history!

Our families at one point or another knew each other. She had a picture she shared of my family, which I already had. But, she shared so much information that I didn't have. She was trying to find my GGGrandfather but was having difficulty. I hadn't researched any of this myself yet, although I was given some info regarding this several years ago. We collaborated and she found him in Norway.

She sent me so much information! I found that some of my information I had been given was not quite correct, but now I have proof of the real stuff! There are dates and siblings that I need to check against my research, to see what I don't have and to verify what I do. After she emailed me last evening, she decided to do some research on my GGrandmother, Dagny Harding, nee Dulin. She found a lot of information regarding her and her family, and shared all of that with me also!

The most interesting part - she found my blog post about when I went to Pennsylvania and found my GGrandfather's house. I am almost convinced her aunt actually may have owned and or lived in the same house! We are sharing pictures of the house now.

She is so happy she found me, and I am beyond thrilled that she found me! I am very anxious to go through this new information and to see what else we can learn from each other. Have to admit, blogging is a grand way to make contacts! I thank K. for contacting me and for sharing so much!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. I am rejoicing with you, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing your "Happy Dance" story.

  2. Proof that genealogy blogs truly have merit.

    If only to put those surnames out there, I'd be pleased if no one ever commented or even read my blog as long as at some point either a) the info was able to help a fellow researcher in the future or b) someone ten years from now did a Google search and realized we were researching the same family line.

  3. Congratulations, Cheryl! Making connections is really what it is all about. It's really great that she contacted you and was able to provide you with information that you didn't already have.

  4. That is a nice story and how fortunate that the person took time to contact you. To think she has pictures and information is pretty amazing. One quick question, if you aren't related, why was she doing this research? And, does she live in Norway?

    Glad you got to do the Happy Dance, and that was wonderful news. Here you thought you were going to have it easy on Wed., since it was Wordless Wednesday!

    Barbara Poole

  5. I've met quite a few people online through genealogy message boards and blogs that got me doing the "genealogy happy dance", too! The internet is so great for bringing people together and re-connecting families. Congratulations on your connection!

    webmaster at Irish Genealogical

  6. Thanks Dru, I hope to share more!

    Hi Geneabloggers,
    Yes, genealogy blogs do have merit! I am pleased with the connections I have made having my blog. I agree with you, other than I would hope someone who googled me, would find me sooner than 10 years! I am impatient! LOL

    Hi Becky,
    Yes I feel very fortunate to have been contacted by her, especially since we aren't even related, and she had and was willing to share info about my family. Now how lucky can that be?

    Hi Barbara,
    No she isn't from Norway, as far as I know. I asked where she was located, but haven't been to that email site yet to see if she has responded. You are so right, I thought I was going to have an easy day, being Wordless Wednesday, but I will take this anytime! She is doing this research because she is working on a book!

    Hi Stepanie!
    I haven't added much to message boards, and haven't had responses to what I have added. I know most people have better luck than that, one day I hope to get more messages out there, just not ready yet. In fact at some point I hope to get to Irish researching also!

    Thank you one and all for your comments! Makes me want to do the Happy Dance again!

  7. I'll add my congratulations, Cheryl! The neat thing is that when people get in touch with you based on something you write in your blog, it inspires you to write more and put more of your family names on the blog!

  8. Thanks Greta! You are so right, it does inspire you to put those names out there and more! I feel i have so much work to do! :-)
    TThank you for the comment Greta!

  9. Brilliant, that's great news. I'm really pleased for you. Its nice to connect and share information - esepcially when its someone giving it to you!! ;-)

  10. Hi Familytreeservice,

    Thank you! It has been fun sharing pictures and information back also. It is always fun to make connections, either way! Thank you for commenting!


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