Blogging Prompt #12 - Lundberg, Soderlund

The blogging prompt for week #12 is ~

"Use your blog to break down a brick wall. Posting may ring a bell with a reader. Maybe you will make a connection in five minutes. Maybe it will take two years. Either way, asking for help is the first step to knocking down that wall."

The brick wall I want to share with you is one I really haven't attempted to research to much yet. The research will involve jumping to another country and this will be new to me.

My great grandmother is Marta Brita Lundberg. I posted a photo of her here. This is what I know about her.

She was born December 23, 1883, in Viksjo(I have seen this spelled many ways) or Lerum, Sweden. I believe she died in 1925 in Viksjo. When she was 21 she gave birth to a daughter, Signe Kristina Lundberg (1904). When she was 26, she gave birth to her son, Hjalmer (Erik) Lundberg (April 4, 1909). I believe they were both born in Viksjo. I do not know who the father(s) were of these children. They were each given their mother's last name.

I have information that Marta was on the "Victorian" when she left Liverpool, England. She arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on December 1, 1911. She then crossed the Canadian border to the US to see her friend Erik Soderlund in Verdale, Minnesota.

In 1917 Erik brought Marta's children to the United States, I am thinking to give them a better life? Marta was again on a ship to come to the US in 1937. This time she traveled on the "Kungsholm" and left from Gothenburg on May 18. The passenger manifest for alien passengers of this voyage states that Marta was born in Lerum, Sweden. It also states that her last address was in Lidingo, Sweden.

I need to verify her birth place. It would be wonderful if I could find out who the children's father's were. How does Erik Soderlund fit into the picture? Who was he in relation to Marta? Where was Marta baptized? Is her mother Brita Lundberg? Could her father possibly be Henrick Persson? What county is the cities she may have been born in?

I haven't exhausted researching in the US yet. I need to check out maps, verify info, and continue researching, but this is the info I have so far, and look forward to finding out more about my great grandmother!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. Hallo Cheryl!

    My name is Jan Lundberg, born in Graninge 1966.

    My grandpas grandpa was Jonas Lundberg. He was a brother to Your Märta Brita Lundberg.

    I hope i can help you with some cuestions.

    Do you mind if i can juse my ordinary mail address?

    You are welcome to write to me

    I'm glad to find your very interesting page.

    Best regards


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