Applying for a Delayed Birth Certificate #2

As you may remember I applied for a Delayed Birth Certificate for my grandmother from the State of North Dakota, and my application and paperwork were returned. You can read that post here.

This morning I called the North Dakota Department of Health and spoke to the woman who returned my application. I asked her how in the world is anyone suppose to put a stamp in the tiny area they want the Notary's Seal placed? (The area they give the Notary to place their stamp is just under 1/4 inch in height. I measured the stamp and it is just over 3/4 inch in height.) This woman told me that they can't accept applications without the stamp where they want it. She said they get asked that all the time, but people find a Notary who has a stamp that will fit in that area. So I asked her why, if they want the stamp there, don't they give you a larger area? She had no answer. In the end she informed me that the stamp can be placed over the Notary's signature, no problem. I explained that I was told the Notary's aren't allowed to do that here is California. So, she said I will just have to find one that has a small enough stamp then. Ho Hum.

The information in the notary's stamp includes, the name, commission number, "Notary Public-California ????? County", and the date the Notary's commission expires. I don't see how there could ever be a stamp small enough to fit and still include all of that information.

I pulled out the phone book and called a different Notary than the one who had notarized my original paperwork. I explained the situation to him and he said if they allow the stamp to be over the name, he could do it. I headed on over to show him the dilemma. He was amazed at the area for the stamp and felt there couldn't be a stamp small enough.

When I explained the phone conversation, and showed him the detailed notes I took, he said, "Well, if they allow it, we can try." The new form now has his written info and the seal stamped over it. He also placed the woman's name, title and information in the book in case there were any issues over what he had done. When I left he asked if I would return to let him know how it turned out. I told him I would.

In the meantime, I also found out that as of sometime last year, I honestly don't remember the date the Notary told me, the State of California has made it mandatory to fill out a "California All-Purpose Acknowledgment" form. It is also signed and stamped by the Notary, and includes my signature and thumbprint. I find it strange that I didn't get this form when I sent in the first application. This Notary explained that the State of North Dakota may not accept or want this form, but it is mandatory for the State of California. So in the envelope it went with the rest of the paperwork. It is all in the mail again as of today.

I have made copies and notes of everything. So far this has cost me just under $45.00 to try to receive my grandmother's birth certificate. I am expecting the application will once again be returned, explaining the stamp covered to much and they couldn't read what was written by the Notary. Then I will have to figure out my next plan of focus.

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  1. Sheri, I wanted to let you know that I checked the link you sent me and that is the State Level and who I am currently working with.

  2. Let us know when you get the certificate or what happens next.


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