Blogging Prompt - Week #14

Week #14: Talk about the different types of technology you use in your genealogy research. Whether it’s a new search engine, a special application, or anything else “2.0,” let readers know what you’re working with, and how it’s working for you.

I use Family Tree 09 Software for my family tree. I have spent most of the past year or two collecting pictures, information from newly found family members, scanning and organizing besides taking classes. Because I have been focusing on all of this, I haven't actually done a lot of research per se.

Technology wise I would have to say I use the most, besides my blog. I have made a few connections with my blog, so that is very exciting. I have found quite a number of censuses on Ancestry and other information. (I have also been transcribing censuses)

Besides this blog, I have a Facebook Account and have recently added a Twitter account, which I am still becoming familiar with. I really like reading others blogs along with with the magazine subscriptions I receive as I get great tips and ideas from them. I try to keep up with all the new sites on the web and look forward to subscribing to Footnote and Genealogy Bank. When I feel I will get my money's worth (when I have the time and can use the accounts fully) I will subscribe. There are so many sites on the web I still would like to explore also.

When I feel my tree is in proper order, (I hear most never really feel it is in proper order-mostly still need to get those sources correct) then I will figure out where to post my tree. Your best suggestions on that would be appreciated!

Actually, I am not very in tune with all of the newest 2.0 sites and such, but have been very busy with my scanner and new camera! (I am trying to find time to learn Adobe Photoshop) Do classes count? I have taken several over the past couple years! :-) I am happy with my progress considering I started from scratch and collected a lot of information. Sometimes I wish I would progress a little faster, as I really would like to get to more researching! At least, at some point and time I will have everything organized that I have now and can more forward feeling comfortable doing it.

Now, on to check out some of the other blogs and what their 2.0 info is! I am sure I will find something new to explore!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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