Our Newest Addition!

I have been pre-occupied as of late. Easter of course was a big day in itself. The following day my daughter was scheduled for a planned C-section. Our new granddaughter was born Monday morning. Her name is Olivia Giselle. She weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz and was 19 3/4 in. She was born with a ton of hair, and very dark! Completely different from my grandson. She has long fingers and toes and is beautiful!

My grandson spent the nights with us. During the days I was at the hospital helping my daughter, especially when her husband needed a break or couldn't be there. On Wednesday late evening mom and daughter were allowed to go home. As she puts it, she came to "the half way house" the first night. This was my house, the next step to her going home!

The plan was her husband and son would go home and she and the baby would stay with us so I could help her. Turned out they got here so late that the grandson was asleep, so he stayed also. What a surprise he had when he woke up to find his mom and new sister here! This day was also my daughter's birthday, and it was a big one. Unfortunately her birthday was put on hold for a bit, there was enough going on.

It was interesting taking care of everyone, and my dog. The dog had some adjustments to make also. I hadn't slept much in a couple days and it reminded me of how much sleep new mothers loose.

My daughter and her family went home yesterday afternoon. The new baby needed to be introduced to the 3 dogs, 5 cats and her new home, and mommy wanted a shower in her own bathroom ever so badly!

Today Olivia and my daughter were both checked out by the doctors. Olivia's counts for jaundice has gone up since leaving the hospital. She needs to go back on Sunday to be checked again. We are all trying to keep her in some light.

My grandson Drayden is having some adjusting of his own. He loves his baby sister. If you ask him what her name is, he says "baby sister." He is two and a half. Even though he loves his new sister, he is missing mommy time and the attention. He is also not feeling his best, has a runny nose and cough. And then he is two, (that wonderful age) so between everything he is having a bit of a rough time. Tough for dad to take care of them all, and the animals.

I went over today and gave my daughter her birthday present and a cake and brought both of the children new PJ'S. My son in law took all three BIG dogs for a walk, taking advantage of my time being there. Drayden took me for a walk while he rode his bike. I was only there an hour, but I can see it is tough at their house. I wanted to bring my grandson home for the night, but he has missed his mommy and daddy so much that I didn't even attempt it.

I was exhausted by the time my daughter and her family went home yesterday. I took a three hour nap, got up for three hours and was back in bed for the night. I feel for my daughter as she is only getting about three hours sleep a night. I suppose that is why the YOUNG women have babies, they supposedly can handle it. It makes my mind wander thinking about mothers and babies being born several decades, or even centuries ago. What those mothers and babies must have gone through!

My son in law is off for a few weeks, but I know I will be helping out as needed. Sunday I will have Drayden again while they at least go to the next Dr. appt. Cooking, cleaning, babysitting, whatever it takes, I will be there to assist. Blogging may be intermittent for awhile, I hope you understand. Looks like I will be playing catch up again on just about everything!

I do however want to share our newest with you. Here is a picture of Olivia, about 4 hours old. Check out the hair!

Olivia, four hours old. Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, Ca. April 13, 2009. Digital photo taken by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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  1. Cheryl, this is the most beautiful dark head of hair I've ever seen on a newborn. Gracious! It looks like she's going to be a raving beauty. I loved reading every little detail of this week with your daughter and her family. Thank you so much for sharing all this.

  2. Congratulations, Cheryl! Olivia is beautiful. How fortunate for your family that you have chronicled the blessed event. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Becky for the kind compliments, glad you enjoyed reading about my new treasure. Waiting to see if that dark hair is going to be curly also!

    Hi Kathryn! Thank you also for the kind compliments~It is funny, my daughter for the first time has been making a point of me being in pictures! I usually am the one who takes them. She says her children will appreciate them when they are older. Do you think she is catching on to my addiction? :-)

  4. Hi Cheryl, I am a bit behind on posting and reading other blogs but I wanted to congratulate you and the family on the new addition, she is so sweet, lots of hair...they are so precious. Steve's two daughters are both pregnant, so we are going on 7 grandchildren! I wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. Thank you Gini! I understand about being behind, I am behind in reading myself! Exciting for you with two more on the way! Thank you for taking time to comment, I appreciate it! Olivia is an angel!


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