Does Your Genealogy Blog Need To Be Added To My Blog List?

I have now gone through my blog list and updated it. I deleted those blogs whose links were changed or deleted. I have approximately 100 blogs listed, and knowing there are at least 300 more, I have decided it would take to much time for me to go through and find addresses for each of those blogs.

So, what I have decided is this, if you have made it to my blog and you notice your blog is not listed on my blog list and you would like it to be added, please leave me a comment or email me with your blog address, and I will add it to my list.

Thank you for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. I'm really just getting going with my blog, but maybe it will interest you:

  2. Hi Jordan,

    Of course I am interested! Thanks for following my blog! I left you a message on your blog, not sure if it took as my laptop closed down. I am going to add your blog right now! Thanks!

  3. Here are a couple more genealogy related blogs.

    Keep up your good work!

  4. Thanks for the follow. You have some very interesting posts as well as links to so many great blogs.
    I will have to find some time to prowl around and go through everything.

  5. Greetings Cheryl,
    Here is the correct URL for my blog:


  6. This is a good idea. I should probably do this in addition to cleaning out the bad links and adding new blogs from Geneabloggers. Here is my blog's address:



  7. Hi FamHis,
    Thank you so much! I have your Fam His coming to my email, never realized the other one wasn't on my blog list. I have the first one already, but not the second one. I am wondering though if the first one should have a 2 in it? :-)
    Thanks so much for the comment!

    Hi Lori!
    My pleasure, trust me! Glad I found you! Hope you find some interesting posts here!

    Hi Kathryn,
    It has been awhile! I think I still had your old link, so I deleted it. I am happy you saw this so you could update it for me! Thanks so much! Saves me from trying to find it! hope you are doing well!

  8. Hi Greta,
    I have to admit that I found more bad links than I expected! There are so many new blogs, and this has been working out nicely as far as adding links. As I get cleaned up, maybe then I will have more time to search some of those links that I don't have and may want to add. Thanks for the link to you blog!

  9. I have a blog that deals with the research I am doing on my Corel family at I'd be honored to be listed on your site, as I do love your blog! :)

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    I'd love to see a link from your blog and I will add one to my blog list for you.

    Thank you!


  11. Mine's on there Cheryl, and you have an excellent idea in spring cleaning on your site.....I need to do the same.

  12. Hi Paula,

    I have added your site to my site! :-) Thank you for informing me of this! Will check it out soon!
    I am glad you are enjoying my site!

    Hi Lucie,

    Your blog will be added to mine, if it isn't already! I am so excited to find these new sites I was unaware of! Thank you!

    Hi lindalee,

    I am surprised what all I needed and wanted to do! Thanks for leaving a comment. Are you going to spring clean then too?

  13. Wow, Cheryl, You have a lot of blogs listed here. Can't wait til I have time to explore some of them that I have not visited before.

  14. Hi Dru!
    There are so many genealogy blogs now! I believe I have only added, at the most, 10 new ones since this post, although I know of a few I want to add. Hope you find some news ones you enjoy! Thanks for the comment!


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