Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Astronaut Ice Cream

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that Dagny Dulin came to New York with a sister and no one else. (Dagny, you may remember is my great grandmother, originally from Norway.) Dagny and her sister were told under no circumstances were they to speak to any men! When they arrived in this country the girls reportedly moved their heavy trunks all by themselves and Dagny suffered a hernia because of this. Dagny ended up needing corrective surgery. The Dr. supposedly left a sponge inside Dagny. After having ten children the sponge is said to have contributed to her death years later.

The passenger list shows two people coming from Norway. The other person is a man, not related to Dagny. If Dagny traveled with a sister I have not been able to find her. I believe if she had a sister with her, the sister would have been traveling with someone else also. More than likely it seems I can squash the rumor that Dagny traveled with her sister. If we can squash that rumor what do you think we can do with the rumor regarding the hernia and the sponge? I do not have anything as of yet that proves Dagny had hernia surgery, so I will need to follow up on this. As for the sponge? This also needs to be proven.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do These Hold Significance?

I recently shared that I have come across a pile of items that needed to be scanned. In this pile there was something I was aware I had but hadn't realized the true significance of keeping prior to coming across it again.

The items I am referring to are cancelled checks that my mother had written. The oldest check was written in 1979. The most recent checks were from 1999. This stack of checks I have can't be more than an inch thick. I am not sure why I have them and why just these checks. Are these the only ones she saved during this time? Why? What happened to the other checks? I started to think maybe these were for tax purposes, however after looking through them that couldn't be so. If there were checks to be used toward taxes they should be with tax papers anyway, right? I just don't see a rhyme or reason to this bunch of cancelled checks.

It is interesting looking at each check to see who they were written to and for what purpose. Cancelled checks from my sisters weddings, payment for a cruise, and a brand new car just to name a few. I remember when my mom had the dining room set re-upholstered, the check is in this stack for full payment. There are checks for a few bills here and there and several checks written to each of her children for various issues. There are checks that I don't know yet who they were written to. Well, the name is there but I am unaware of who they are.

I see checks written to my sister for a friend who lost her home and belongings in a fire. My mother didn't know her but wanted to help her. There are checks supporting her grand children's fundraisers, her and my dads personal hobbies and did I say checks to her children? Oh, and son in laws also!

These cancelled checks over the span of 20 years bring back memories. Some good, some bad, and the rest memories of every day life. My mother usually wrote checks for the full payment of whatever it was that was owed, be it a $5 support fee to a full payment of a brand new car. Because of this I can easily see what she paid for these items and the time frame in which it happened. Going back to the oldest written check, we are talking 30 years ago, and being able to see how much she paid for something then is amazing to me. Comparing those prices to today's prices is another story. Wow, there are some interesting finds here.

The cancelled checks that really hit home though are the ones I found written for a Will, Cemetery Plots and items from when my mother became sick not long before she passed. Again, I see what these items cost along with the organization my mother had. She took care of business.

I will be able to add all of these things to the family stories I prepare. An added element not everyone has advantage of. I feel so fortunate. I am not sure my father is aware I have these checks, but then again I am not sure why he would want them. I may not understand the rhyme or reason to this small stack, but I am very grateful to have them, and feel they were meant to be in my hands.

I am not so sure I would have ever thought to "want" an individuals cancelled checks until now.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Episode Three of Who Do You Think You Are?

Many GeneaBloggers have been posting their evaluations after each show of the new television program Who Do You Think You Are? Because so many seem to be doing this I have chosen not make it a ritual to do so. Justify this to mean, I love the show, I will watch every episode, and I am super pleased a program of this nature is airing on public TV during prime time.

Last nights program centered on Lisa Kudrow. For me it doesn't matter who the program focuses on, I just know I have to watch it. Last weeks program on Emmit Smith was suppose to be the most compelling of all seven shows to be aired. I have to agree that the show was very compelling. After seeing that particular episode I think I lowered my standards on what to expect with the future programs.

Lisa Kudrow's segment surprised me completely. It was compelling too, but in a different way. Emotions flooded and tears were in my eyes for happiness, sadness and then fulfillment. So very moved was I by the show...again. Every one of these programs have totally grabbed me in one way or another. Just when I thought the programs couldn't get any better I was proven wrong.

I hope you are watching WDYTYA. Prime time television hasn't aired a program in many, many years that has caught my attention like this one has. When I say I would go to the movies and watch a particular movie again (which is extremely rare for me) that really says something. These three episodes of WDYTYA have left me feeling exactly that way. I do not want the programs to end AND I want to watch them again. Kudos to WDYTYA!

I wasn't home the majority of the day yesterday and never imagined I would have been out until 8pm when WDYTYA airs. I barely made it home in time, but I made it by a few minutes. Upon sitting down to watch the show, I received the perfect blend to go with the show. My companion book to WDYTYA by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak had arrived in the mail, much quicker than I expected. I can not wait to delve into her book! Have you bought the book? Have you read it? I plan to start reading it tonight!

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(Update - Thank you John Newman for correcting my error naming Sarah Jessica Parker as who this segment was about. It was actually focused on Lisa Kudrow! My deepest apologies, corrections made 3/22/2010)

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Richard Harold Harding (DeMoss)

Richard, or Dick as he was known, was born in Spokane, Washington on March 19, 1924. Today would have been his 86th birthday. He died a few days shy of his 74th birthday in Oakland, California.

His parents were David Harold DeMoss and Madie Jessie Miner. David was better known as Harold. Eventually, Madie and David divorced. Madie and Richard made their way down to the San Francisco Bay Area. After Madie married a couple more times, Richard started using her husbands last name, Harding. From here on out he was Richard or Dick Harding.

Dick was a shipping clerk for thirty years. He was married once in Carmel, California for about eight years and fathered two children, a daughter and a son. He loved to sing and had a pretty darn good voice.

He is missed by his family and friends. I wish to say Happy Birthday to him from all of us.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Those Places Thursday ~ With a Special Birthday Wish!

This is the back yard of one of the houses I grew up in. More specifically, the home I lived in from my later grammar school years on up through high school. I vividly remember this house being for sale. I vividly remember my parents saying it was way to expensive. I vividly remember my mother saying no to this house.

The house was up for sale for what seemed to me to be quite a long time. I am sure I missed most of the discussions my parents ever had regarding the purchase of this house. The few things I do remember though, I remember very well. The house was very expensive and my mother did not want a pool.

As time passed the house stayed on the market. As time passed the owners were getting more antsy to sell. As the time passed, the asking price for the home started to fall. Still, my mother insisted, no, she did not want this house with the pool, the pool that was 16 by 32.

I don't know how it happened, but my father wanted this house and eventually it became ours. I finally found out why my mother didn't want this house with the pool. She didn't know how to swim and she had three young children to worry about falling in the pool.

The best thing in my eyes was that we bought this house. All three of us learned how to swim, and there never were any accidents to worry about. I swam so well, I didn't have to take swimming in high school for PE (it was a requirement in those days), they just had me teach it! Those were the good ol' days. Laying in the sun, and swimming the summers away.

We weren't allowed to swim when my parents weren't home. I never understood that. My mother didn't know how to swim, and here I was in high school teaching it. Why couldn't I be responsible for my sisters and I to swim? It didn't make much sense to me. Not until I was an adult and out on my own did my mothers reasoning for this surface. She was afraid if something were to happen while we were out in the pool, no one would have been there to obtain help. I began to understand her thoughts, although it seemed to only pertain to me. If something were to happen to me, no one would be there to get help. I was the eldest, so if I were the one to get hurt, who would have called for help?

My father worked many long hours and didn't get to enjoy the pool much. On those days when he was able to take a dive, I know he enjoyed his pool. Of course us three girls loved to swim with dad. He was always so much fun! I have memories of when he was able to use the pool, but I probably have more memories of him cleaning it!

Today is my fathers birthday. Not just any birthday. It is his 75th birthday! I publicly want to thank him for being such a wonderful dad and working so very hard to give us such a great life. Happy 75th Birthday Dad, and thank you for everything!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ McGuire

Raney and Hazel McGuire. Prescott, Arizona. Abt. 1965. Scanned image. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2010.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Has My Week Entailed?

I would say my week entailed some genealogical fun, challenges and spring cleaning!

I suddenly realized that I had been so busy doing some things and not doing others. In particular, working on my own genealogy. I couldn't remember the last time I actually worked on it, which left a very bad vibe with me. I decided I needed to take some time for this, so I could feel good about what I had accomplished. Here are a few things I have noticed and worked on...

Everything seems to take a little longer these days, and not because I am old! It is more because everything seems to be a challenge, more involved than they should be. If, for instance, I chose to scan, I need to set up my old laptop and scanner in the dining room. I scan my items to the old laptop and then need to transfer them from the old laptop to the new laptop. As if that wasn't time consuming enough I have been challenged with where to find my photos afterwards. Having gone from Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 and a laptop change, I have really been tried with my photos. Each program sets them up differently. I am still trying to find some of my photos.

I have never used Picasa before, can you believe it? I finally downloaded the program and most of my photos are now in that location. I spent a little time poking around and playing, but definitely need to do more in order to take full advantage of Picasa. It looks like I have been missing the boat and hope it will cover my needs at this time. I need to thank Gini from Ginisology for clarifying some misconceptions I had regarding the program. Thank you Gini!

Genealogy e-mail...I was falling further and further behind. It wasn't so much that I owed responses, what I really needed to do was process and save all of new information I had been receiving. This involved saving photos, stories and email copies to the correct location. I have several email accounts and have only cleaned up one of those accounts. I have genealogy information on a couple more accounts that also need cleaning up.

Is anyone ever caught up reading genealogy blogs they subscribe to? Hours have been spent this week while I was trying to catch up. I did a lot of reading, not much commenting and tried my best to catch up, but still show over 1000 in Google Reader that need to be read.

By far, the best genealogy moment for me this past week was the connection with a new cousin! Terri from Finding Our Ancestors and I started Tweeting on Twitter and low and behold we are cousins! This excitement found me spending a full day working on that particular line. So much work was accomplished, and yet there is so much more I want to do. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to find Terri as a cousin and the information we shared. With this particular line, I have always felt I knew of another person who would end up being a cousin. Until I accomplished what I wanted to with this line, I wasn't going to bring it up. Terri has informed me this person IS also a cousin, just as I figured! I haven't discussed it with this person yet so they are unaware of the cousin connection with me. I won't share this person's name just yet, but I will share the the name of the line. It is RICHMOND, the family line that was my toughest to initiate. Yeah for new found cousins!

I have accomplished quite a bit this week. From scanning, to organizing, filing and learning, reading and sharing, it has been a great genealogy week! Hope yours has been just as great! Now, if I could just figure out how to get totally caught up and stay caught up...

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Palmer

This headstone is in the Downieville Cemetery in Downieville, California. The monument is for Arthur C Palmer and Catherine Ann Palmer. Arthur C Palmer was born December 25, 1878 in San Francisco Co. California. He passed away on April 24, 1950 in Alameda Co. California.

Catherine Ann Palmer was born Catherine Ann Pizzotti on February 12, 1881 in Gilroy, California. She died at sea and is buried in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I do not know the circumstances of her death or where she was headed or coming home from.

I have a copy of "Family Facts" handwritten by Catherine dated February 12, 1881. I received a copy from one of her sons back in 2001. Her handwriting was so fancy, it was difficult to read and transcribe the several pages I was given. A few words I haven't figured out yet. The son was the only descendant living when he asked me if I could decipher the papers. Sadly, he passed away before I was able to give him the transcription. I asked him at one point if he wanted what I had accomplished at that point and he said he didn't want it until it was complete. As I feared, he passed all to soon.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Organized Good News, Bad News

I always thought I was fairly organized with my genealogy, even if I wasn't as organized with other aspects in my life. I thought I could find any document almost immediately. I am not perfect mind you, but pretty organized. This afternoon that myth came tumbling down, almost like the famous brick wall!

First of all, my husband came in with an envelope he found on the garage floor (the second garage, along side of the house) and handed it to me saying it was "old love letters" and even mentioned a name, which meant he had read them. I, of course, dropped what I was doing and took the envelope with great curiosity.

It turns out there were two letters in the envelope, one from me and one from my sister, each letter addressed to our parents. These letters were approximately 25 years old and each related a similar story, of two separate incidences, at two separate times. How did they get on the garage floor? I don't even know where they came from, or should I say disappeared from. I don't remember seeing these before at all! To be in the garage however means I have had them before I ever started genealogy... I wonder what else is out there that I am unaware of?

My sister, the one who wrote one of the letters, just visited me from Maine, funny it shows up after her visit. Can I possibly read between the lines here? Maybe I need to scan it BEFORE she sees it and takes it?

My letter to my parents was interesting to read. I believe it showed my immaturity to a certain extent. My husband was aware of the incident so it was not an issue there. I was unaware my sister even went through the same circumstance as I did with my parents. It was amazing to me actually, as I always thought I got the brunt end of the deal being I was the eldest child. It will be very interesting to talk with my sister about her letter, we can compare our stories.

Now what was I was doing before my husband came in with that envelope? Oh yes, I was going through a basket of papers and magazines and such that have been piling up in the office. Back to that task! After scouring through the first half of the items in the basket I ran into things I wasn't expecting. There were pictures, documents, notes and all kinds of genealogy items! It took a while until I realized what they were doing there. This was my pile to be scanned, which was made the last time I cleaned out the office, what, maybe a year ago? TOTALLY forgot all about it. With that pile and another I went through from the basket by my laptop, I now have two sizable stacks of genealogy paperwork to sort through and do something with. All of a sudden I don't feel very organized.

So, the good news is I have a treasure chest of new genealogy paperwork to revisit, scan and file appropriately. The bad news is I have two piles of paperwork that are not organized. I will keep the good news and cower down to the fact that I am not organized, I am human! Is this similar to "I am not smarter than a fifth grader?"

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who Do You Think you Are? Sarah Jessica Parker

Finally. The show has finally taken off in the U.S.A. Originating in Britain, it has taken time for the show to land here. But finally, last night we were able to watch as the show shared Sarah Jessica Parker's ancestry.

Following so closely after the Faces of America series, genealogists were anxious to see the differences in the two programs. Would "Who Do You Think You Are?" share actual research that was done? Would the celebrities travel to their ancestral homelands? Every genealogist had their own questions on what to expect out of this show.

My sister flew in from Maine the night before the premiere of this program. I wasn't sure I would see it as it aired, although I hoped my family would be interested in watching it when were were all together in my home last night. Some genealogists planned a "Who Do You Think You Are?" party, something similar maybe to maybe an "Academy Awards" party. I thought this was a great idea, so I planned in my head that I was going to have one also! It didn't turn out they way I hoped though.

My daughter and her family were here to enjoy dinner and time with my sister last night (this is a rare occurrence for sure) and that is exactly what it was, lots of great conversation and kids playing, very noisy. The TV was on when the program started and even though everyone in my home knew how much I wanted to watch it, there was no way I could hear a word. Thank goodness several days earlier I had my husband set the recorder.

After our family party ended, my sister and I sat to watch the program. Oh, and actually my husband was here to. We were having our own mini "Who Do You Think You Are?" party. The next thing I knew an hour was over. Wow, it went by way to fast! I think that must mean I enjoyed what I saw?!?!?!? I didn't want it to be over, I was wrapped up in it. (You should know, if you don't already, that I am NOT a TV person. It takes something very meaningful to me to stop whatever I am doing and just watch a program. If the occasional rarity does happen and I am watching TV, I am most always multitasking at the same time, as I don't sit still very well.) My sister was very tired at the end of the program and went off to bed (she is adjusting to the time change.) My husband fell asleep. He knew the program was recorded and it was way past his bedtime. I had no one to talk to about the show, so I turned to the laptop and caught up a bit on Twitter and Facebook. I was a bit surprised TweetDeck wasn't being flooded with comments. Today I realized that everyone was saving their thoughts for their posts.

This morning I noticed many bloggers had indeed written their posts regarding last nights show. I have not had the opportunity to read any of these posts as of yet and thought I would write my post without the possible influence of what others have posted. So I still have not read anyone else's post reviewing the show. I always like my feeble brain to take over my finger tips when I write, whatever comes off the top of my head....

I asked my sister this morning for her opinion of the program, being a non-genealogist. I was excited to see how it affected her. She shared these points:
  • She realized the show was simplified for all of the work that actually went into researching Sarah Jessica Parker's ancestry.
  • She felt it was rather misleading for those who may wish to become involved in genealogy as they would expect a quick payoff.
  • She felt it was good entertainment for television
  • She also felt they did a good job of trying to "rope people in" and get involved in their personal genealogy.
  • She felt the stories were incredible.
  • She wished the program shared resources on where to go to start researching. (She was totally unaware that libraries come in to play at all!)
She enjoyed the show! I don't feel she would drop everything to start researching her own ancestry. I tend to think though that she doesn't feel the need to do so herself because she already has me doing work for her. I didn't have the opportunity to ask her if she planned on watching any of the future shows once she returned home. I will have to get that question to her, I am curious. I did see quickly this morning that one of the future shows is suppose to be "more compelling than all of the others. I shared this with her telling her what I felt it may entail. For this reason and after watching last night, I do wonder if she will tune into future shows.

My personal feelings? I loved it! The show kept me very interested and I didn't have to be doing something else as I watched. Of course the story lines were fantastic, this makes good TV watching. We all love to hear a great story! I enjoyed that Sarah Jessica Parker traveled to the places her ancestors lived and she was able to "feel" emotions about them and their lives. Sharing the steps Sarah made following patterns of her ancestors is very similar to what real genealogists do.

I agree with my sister, so much of research has to be condensed for TV. Because of the program, my sister and I discussed our personal genealogy more than we may have otherwise. I enjoyed that so much! Bottom line, I feel if the stories stay as compelling as last night, it will be a hit. After all, this isn't suppose to a class on doing genealogy, it is a program, which is to be entertaining. As an added bonus it may also introduce others to genealogy. I personally can't wait for the future shows!

I am off to find out how the show was rated and see what other genealogists posted regarding the program. Please feel free to share your feelings in the comments section! Watch out, depending on what I read, you may see a follow up to this post...

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Census: Questions and Scams

Sometime soon you will be receiving the census form in the mail. The form only has ten questions, which I am surprised about. It doesn't appear to me that the census will have much information to share for our descendants when the time comes. Maybe though, there will be the "A, B, C'S" that follow each of the questions. For instance: 1._______ with an a. _____ b. ______c._____ and then 2.________ with an a._________b._______ c.________Well, you get the idea. I seriously doubt there will be questions listed this way, but one can only hope, right? I want to leave as much information in the census as possible! My descendants deserve that, don't you agree?

I am looking forward to seeing the questionnaire, this will be the first questionnaire I will be filling out since I became seriously involved with genealogy. I am curious what those ten questions will be. Here is my guess, not in any particular order:

1. Name?
2. Age?
3. Married?
4. Children?
5. Working/school/Retired?
6. Own home?
7. Race?
8. Where you were born?
9. Your Address?
10. Where your parents were born?

These are the first thoughts that popped in my head and I am leaving them as my choices without thinking in depth about it. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Other ideas?

I plan to make a copy of our census after we fill it out, as I have heard others are planning to do also. Have you thought to do this? Have you thought to have your siblings and children and parents and cousins do this for you also? I have spoken with one of my daughters about it and asked her to make a copy of their form for me, but I need to let my other daughter and relatives know to do this also. How nice would it be to have a copy of this census in the files long before they ever release it? How long will it have to stay under wraps before they release if they even release it? There are laws changing and trying to change right now, so what will the laws be later on, after we are gone?

It is a shame that we have to worry these days whether or not a census taker (who may come to your door looking for paperwork that hasn't been sent in) is a legit census taker. There is so much crime in the world today, it seems we need to be careful and aware of everything around us. So, on that note, if you haven't already read the information regarding what to look for in a real census taker vs. a phony, you can read an article on the census takers scam over at Eastman's site here. This just may be an article you want to share with someone in particular. My children will see a copy, because I don't want them to take any chances. Knowing my children as I do though, their forms will be turned in within a decent time frame, so I shouldn't be concerned. However, better be safe than sorry!

Now, I am off to send emails regarding all of this to my family members. How about you?

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Wordless Wednesday ~ A Young Harry Harding

Harry John Harding. Early to mid 1920's. Scanned image. Held by Cheryl. [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2010.

Monday, March 1, 2010

May She Rest in Peace

Mostly, genealogists who have blogs blog about their own ancestors and family. Occasionally there are times I wish to share other parts of life with you.

Today, I want to give all of my thoughts and prayers to Elyse Doerflinger who at age 20, lost her mother last night. Elyse is much to young, at age 20, to loose her mother. Her mother was much to young to loose her life, at age 50.

Elyse's mother had been ill and passed rather quickly. Her pain is finally over, may she rest in peace.

Elyse is a strong, intelligent young woman, one of the youngest in the genealogy community, who hosts her own genealogy blog. She has written a wonderful tribute to her mother here.

Elyse, I want you to know that you have so many supporters from the genealogy community who are willing to help you in any way. The next few days will understandably be very busy, many days beyond will be very emotional. Just remember your genealogy friends are here for you always. Our hearts go out to you.

You will be in my thoughts Elyse through this tough change in your life. Keep those wonderful memories of your mother close to your heart. If you ever need an ear, or anything, please don't hesitate to come calling!

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Have You Added "This" to Your Genealogy Collection?

We all love to collect information on our ancestors and their collateral lines. We learn about their lives, what they did where they lived and who with among other wonderful things.

How many of us have thought, or taken the time to document our own lives? Do you have documents, pictures and stories of your life organized for your descendants? How long do we still have to wait until the next census release in order to find out more about our grandparents and great grandparents?

Why not help those descendants so they don't have to wait, with a book about YOU! I thought about this several years ago when I began a proper filing system and began compiling information about my life. I have a large binder (does that age me?) full of information, all in archival protected sleeves.

I started with a copy of my birth certificate and chronologically added documents that have occurred through my life. I have added school documents, photos and stories. Of course this book is never ending at this point. As I think of occurrences that have happened in my life, I try take note so I remember to write about it. Sometimes simple little conversations, photos and others experiences jog our memories to times past.

I photographed each home that I have lived in during my life, and documented my accomplishments. I am by no means completely caught up with this project, but work on it occasionally. I haven't worked on it for awhile though and hope to update my book soon. I have many new items to add! The sky is the limit, add any and everything!

Don't we all wish we had a book like this that our grandparents left for us? Sure it may take away from the "search" but what a treasure trove of information! With this my life's story will be almost complete, and a genealogist and or family historian can quickly move back to the next generation if they so choose. Really, how tough is it to add our story to a binder, who knows it best?

I unfortunately, wasn't left with a treasure trove of information on my grandparents. I have worked hard to find out what I now know and am still trying to learn. I know I wouldn't have turned down a treasure trove.

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