Episode Three of Who Do You Think You Are?

Many GeneaBloggers have been posting their evaluations after each show of the new television program Who Do You Think You Are? Because so many seem to be doing this I have chosen not make it a ritual to do so. Justify this to mean, I love the show, I will watch every episode, and I am super pleased a program of this nature is airing on public TV during prime time.

Last nights program centered on Lisa Kudrow. For me it doesn't matter who the program focuses on, I just know I have to watch it. Last weeks program on Emmit Smith was suppose to be the most compelling of all seven shows to be aired. I have to agree that the show was very compelling. After seeing that particular episode I think I lowered my standards on what to expect with the future programs.

Lisa Kudrow's segment surprised me completely. It was compelling too, but in a different way. Emotions flooded and tears were in my eyes for happiness, sadness and then fulfillment. So very moved was I by the show...again. Every one of these programs have totally grabbed me in one way or another. Just when I thought the programs couldn't get any better I was proven wrong.

I hope you are watching WDYTYA. Prime time television hasn't aired a program in many, many years that has caught my attention like this one has. When I say I would go to the movies and watch a particular movie again (which is extremely rare for me) that really says something. These three episodes of WDYTYA have left me feeling exactly that way. I do not want the programs to end AND I want to watch them again. Kudos to WDYTYA!

I wasn't home the majority of the day yesterday and never imagined I would have been out until 8pm when WDYTYA airs. I barely made it home in time, but I made it by a few minutes. Upon sitting down to watch the show, I received the perfect blend to go with the show. My companion book to WDYTYA by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak had arrived in the mail, much quicker than I expected. I can not wait to delve into her book! Have you bought the book? Have you read it? I plan to start reading it tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

(Update - Thank you John Newman for correcting my error naming Sarah Jessica Parker as who this segment was about. It was actually focused on Lisa Kudrow! My deepest apologies, corrections made 3/22/2010)

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  1. Cheryl,

    I agree. A show as not grabbed me to this extint in a long time. I'm not looking forward to the last show. I find myself constantly going back during the week and rewatching the episodes.

  2. Oh Mavis, do we have to think about the last show????


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