Those Places Thursday ~ With a Special Birthday Wish!

This is the back yard of one of the houses I grew up in. More specifically, the home I lived in from my later grammar school years on up through high school. I vividly remember this house being for sale. I vividly remember my parents saying it was way to expensive. I vividly remember my mother saying no to this house.

The house was up for sale for what seemed to me to be quite a long time. I am sure I missed most of the discussions my parents ever had regarding the purchase of this house. The few things I do remember though, I remember very well. The house was very expensive and my mother did not want a pool.

As time passed the house stayed on the market. As time passed the owners were getting more antsy to sell. As the time passed, the asking price for the home started to fall. Still, my mother insisted, no, she did not want this house with the pool, the pool that was 16 by 32.

I don't know how it happened, but my father wanted this house and eventually it became ours. I finally found out why my mother didn't want this house with the pool. She didn't know how to swim and she had three young children to worry about falling in the pool.

The best thing in my eyes was that we bought this house. All three of us learned how to swim, and there never were any accidents to worry about. I swam so well, I didn't have to take swimming in high school for PE (it was a requirement in those days), they just had me teach it! Those were the good ol' days. Laying in the sun, and swimming the summers away.

We weren't allowed to swim when my parents weren't home. I never understood that. My mother didn't know how to swim, and here I was in high school teaching it. Why couldn't I be responsible for my sisters and I to swim? It didn't make much sense to me. Not until I was an adult and out on my own did my mothers reasoning for this surface. She was afraid if something were to happen while we were out in the pool, no one would have been there to obtain help. I began to understand her thoughts, although it seemed to only pertain to me. If something were to happen to me, no one would be there to get help. I was the eldest, so if I were the one to get hurt, who would have called for help?

My father worked many long hours and didn't get to enjoy the pool much. On those days when he was able to take a dive, I know he enjoyed his pool. Of course us three girls loved to swim with dad. He was always so much fun! I have memories of when he was able to use the pool, but I probably have more memories of him cleaning it!

Today is my fathers birthday. Not just any birthday. It is his 75th birthday! I publicly want to thank him for being such a wonderful dad and working so very hard to give us such a great life. Happy 75th Birthday Dad, and thank you for everything!

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  1. beautiful tribute to your dad Cheryl. He sounds like an awesome man!

  2. Your dad is a wise man. And what a neat house you had! (A swimming pool beats junk cars - what we had - any day!)

  3. Thank you Mary and Greta. He sure made growing up!


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