The Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that Dagny Dulin came to New York with a sister and no one else. (Dagny, you may remember is my great grandmother, originally from Norway.) Dagny and her sister were told under no circumstances were they to speak to any men! When they arrived in this country the girls reportedly moved their heavy trunks all by themselves and Dagny suffered a hernia because of this. Dagny ended up needing corrective surgery. The Dr. supposedly left a sponge inside Dagny. After having ten children the sponge is said to have contributed to her death years later.

The passenger list shows two people coming from Norway. The other person is a man, not related to Dagny. If Dagny traveled with a sister I have not been able to find her. I believe if she had a sister with her, the sister would have been traveling with someone else also. More than likely it seems I can squash the rumor that Dagny traveled with her sister. If we can squash that rumor what do you think we can do with the rumor regarding the hernia and the sponge? I do not have anything as of yet that proves Dagny had hernia surgery, so I will need to follow up on this. As for the sponge? This also needs to be proven.

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