The Organized Good News, Bad News

I always thought I was fairly organized with my genealogy, even if I wasn't as organized with other aspects in my life. I thought I could find any document almost immediately. I am not perfect mind you, but pretty organized. This afternoon that myth came tumbling down, almost like the famous brick wall!

First of all, my husband came in with an envelope he found on the garage floor (the second garage, along side of the house) and handed it to me saying it was "old love letters" and even mentioned a name, which meant he had read them. I, of course, dropped what I was doing and took the envelope with great curiosity.

It turns out there were two letters in the envelope, one from me and one from my sister, each letter addressed to our parents. These letters were approximately 25 years old and each related a similar story, of two separate incidences, at two separate times. How did they get on the garage floor? I don't even know where they came from, or should I say disappeared from. I don't remember seeing these before at all! To be in the garage however means I have had them before I ever started genealogy... I wonder what else is out there that I am unaware of?

My sister, the one who wrote one of the letters, just visited me from Maine, funny it shows up after her visit. Can I possibly read between the lines here? Maybe I need to scan it BEFORE she sees it and takes it?

My letter to my parents was interesting to read. I believe it showed my immaturity to a certain extent. My husband was aware of the incident so it was not an issue there. I was unaware my sister even went through the same circumstance as I did with my parents. It was amazing to me actually, as I always thought I got the brunt end of the deal being I was the eldest child. It will be very interesting to talk with my sister about her letter, we can compare our stories.

Now what was I was doing before my husband came in with that envelope? Oh yes, I was going through a basket of papers and magazines and such that have been piling up in the office. Back to that task! After scouring through the first half of the items in the basket I ran into things I wasn't expecting. There were pictures, documents, notes and all kinds of genealogy items! It took a while until I realized what they were doing there. This was my pile to be scanned, which was made the last time I cleaned out the office, what, maybe a year ago? TOTALLY forgot all about it. With that pile and another I went through from the basket by my laptop, I now have two sizable stacks of genealogy paperwork to sort through and do something with. All of a sudden I don't feel very organized.

So, the good news is I have a treasure chest of new genealogy paperwork to revisit, scan and file appropriately. The bad news is I have two piles of paperwork that are not organized. I will keep the good news and cower down to the fact that I am not organized, I am human! Is this similar to "I am not smarter than a fifth grader?"

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. With all this scanning to do, I hope to see you at the next Scanfest!

  2. I hope so too, I believe I was top scanner for the day last time! I am looking at the calendar though and see it will probably be on th e28th so I doubt I can do that one as I will be babysitting the prince and princess for 5 days during that time. Maybe I can poke in and say hi though.

  3. 'The harder I try to get organized the less organized I get'~ quote by me :)

  4. Love your quote Mary! One day I make ask to borrow it!

    Michelle, you are not alone. There are more of us than we think!


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