Happy Birthday to Richard Harold Harding (DeMoss)

Richard, or Dick as he was known, was born in Spokane, Washington on March 19, 1924. Today would have been his 86th birthday. He died a few days shy of his 74th birthday in Oakland, California.

His parents were David Harold DeMoss and Madie Jessie Miner. David was better known as Harold. Eventually, Madie and David divorced. Madie and Richard made their way down to the San Francisco Bay Area. After Madie married a couple more times, Richard started using her husbands last name, Harding. From here on out he was Richard or Dick Harding.

Dick was a shipping clerk for thirty years. He was married once in Carmel, California for about eight years and fathered two children, a daughter and a son. He loved to sing and had a pretty darn good voice.

He is missed by his family and friends. I wish to say Happy Birthday to him from all of us.

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