Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Calling all Westby's!

The "newest family member" who has made contact with me is T. She surprised me with a phone call last week! We are both very ecstatic to have found one another.

T actually would be a second cousin to me. She spoke with her family about me. One of her aunts said she already knew of me and had me in her tree information! T told me this aunt would really like to speak with me! I understand she knows of family in Norway and she would be able to fill me in on the family tree information as well! T gave me her name and phone number, of course I would call her! (This paragraph is all about me-lol)

Can you believe I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet? My spare time has been taken up with Drs. appointments, five of them since last Friday(all routine), and some pursuits with my other blog. I am really hoping to make this phone call on Friday or Saturday, and I can't wait! I am most anxious to hear if there really is some known family in Norway as I am hoping to go there next year. I need to get busy learning some Norwegian.

Of course, family in the United States is so super! I have no idea how many Westby family members here in the states I will learn about. Westby is my paternal grandmother's line. Actually, I do not know anyone personally with the last name Westby. This line is one that hasn't really been pursued yet. I am so anxious and excited!

For now, until this call is made, I am dreaming of all of the information I may learn, hoping I will receive photos and thinking about how and when I will be able to meet my new family! Rest assured, you will hear my excitement when the call is made! Hi to T, and all of the Westby family I am about to be introduced to!

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Wordless Wednesday - Nat'l Archives Pacific Region

National Archives Pacific Region in San Francisco, California. May 22, 2009. Digital image. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy 1st Blogiversary to Me!

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Today marks one full year since I started this blog. To think I was worried I wouldn't have enough to write about for a few months let alone a year. I have to say that this year has been great fun being part of the Genea-Bloggers and the blogging world.

Blogging has given me special moments to look at personal photos I may not have looked at for several more years. It gave me discipline to write about my ancestors, and during that writing time I found I focused on each individual as a person instead of thinking of them as a name and number in a census or on a chart. I have made several family connections and friends because of this blog. I have become more organized with my family history and research. In other words, to put it bluntly, genea-blogging and Genea-Bloggers ROCK!

I am so very grateful to the seasoned bloggers who have helped me along the way. It was a pleasure to meet many of you at Jamboree this year! Genea-Bloggers are the absolute best in the world! I hope to meet many more of you in the future. Even though there are quite a few that I haven't met, I feel as if I have known you all forever!

I am especially grateful for all of my readers and those followers who leave comments. I slap my hands many times because I read so many great posts and don't make the time to comment. I appreciate that you make and take the time to do so! You are going to make me a better role model, by following in your footsteps. Please know how much I enjoy all of your comments and appreciate your support!

Gee, now how should I celebrate?

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cloudberry Explorer Pro Online Backup

Have you heard of this backup system, CloudBerry? Nadya, one of my readers, left me a message on my previous post letting me know that CloudBerry Explorer Pro Online Backup was in beta testing right now. I went over to the web site through the link that she left me and it says that "Beta will expire on August 15, 2009."

I did click on the beta link to sign up anyway and it states that due to the high demand and beta not being able to handle so many people, the sign up for the beta testing was by invitation only, you would need a code to have signed up. So, I missed all of the beta testing.

This program is designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage. I am not sure if Nadya has been a beta tester or not, or if any of you may have been? CloudBerry Lab was developed in 2008, they have a very interesting website at

I will be anxious to hear more of this new product!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Updating My Photo CD's

Do you have pictures burned to CD's for backup purposes? I do. I have several of them. At least I thought I had CD backups...but more on that as this post continues. I decided it was well past time to get my rear in gear and update my photo CD's, and what an informative adventure this has been!

Years ago when I first burned my pictures to CD's, I did so to take them off my computer to give me free space. I apparently did not do it for back up purposes in the beginning because I do not have any of those photos on my computer, or anywhere else! At the time I must have thought my photos would be safe forever on CD's and I didn't have to worry that they weren't on my computer!

What a fool I was! I did not have a back up to most of those early CD'S I made. How lucky am I not to have lost quality or pictures on those first ones I made? I did find some bad pictures, but I am not sure if they lost quality or if they were bad photos that I took to begin with. So far so good. But, as I continue with this project, I will not be surprised if a CD comes up bad and I have lost the photos. Upon looking at when some of the photos were taken, I was panicking that I am so far behind on updating these darn things! Truth of the matter is, back in the beginning, I didn't copy the pictures immediately to CD's, it may have been a few years later that I finally did that. The dates on the CD's were the date the photos were taken, not when the CD was made,
so maybe I am not so far behind after all with my updating.

Now, I am putting pictures back on my computer and making new CD copies, with the date I made the new copy written on the CD. Since I have Carbonite, an online backup service, these photos will now also be backed up there!

I have been reminded while working on this project that I do not have many of these photos printed out... at all! The digital world is wonderful, however, we forget to print those great photos to enjoy NOW, at least I do.
Since I have been going through the CD's, I have been given the opportunity to see some pictures I haven't seen since I first put them made them, or longer!

I plan to go through every one of my picture CD's. I will make sure they are copied to new CD's if they are at least five years old. The pictures will be added back to my laptop, for now anyway, and they will be backed up to Carbonite. Finally, I will print the best of the pictures and save them so they are archival safe.

What a joy to see the pictures on these CD's again! They remind me of things that have changed over the years. I treasure these photos. I am sure you treasure yours too. When was the last time you checked or looked at your photo CD's? If it has been more than five years you just may want to check them out!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simple to Contact Me!

Thank you to Thomas MacEntee for posting directions and information on the GeneaBloggers site about the contact button you see to the left. In the past week or two there have been a couple of people who wanted to contact me personally, but not in the comments area of my blog. These people did find an alternate way to make the connection, and thank goodness they did! One person found my email address worked for them and another person found me on Facebook. I am very happy these people contacted me!

The problem I saw for these people is that they should not have had to go looking so hard to find a "safe" place to contact me to begin with. It seems Thomas was reading my mind when he posted this new to me information. I now have the "Contact" button on the left side of this blog, in a bright color, a shade of red, so hopefully it can not be missed. Many times people want private or personal contact which I do understand.

I would strongly recommend those of you who have blogs and have not added this to yours, think about doing so. You never know when someone may be wanting to contact you.

I look forward to and hope my readers feel free to contact me through this button, it was set up for YOU!

Those Places Thursday - Bay O Vista

One of the most difficult pictures I was trying to get was when I lived in San Leandro with my ex-in laws. Initially I thought I knew where to find this house but I drove the area over and over and kept thinking it all didn't look quite right. I made a second attempt on another day when I happened to be in the area and again I felt very lost. I took some pictures of some homes that I thought may have been the correct house so I could go home and study them. When I looked at the digital shots I had taken at home, I knew I never found the proper home.

On August 14, 2009, yes very recently, my husband and I happened to be driving close to the area and all of a sudden it hit me! I asked him to pull off the freeway, which he did. He is getting used to my last minute appeals! Something rang a bell to me, finally! We drove past this sign and I knew what the problem was! I hadn't been going far enough down the freeway before I exited. This sign confirmed it and told me that now I had the correct area, Bay O Vista! Now, why didn't I remember this initially? I thought I knew everything? Hum.

Well, when I stop and think about it, I lived here many years ago and only for about three months, but drove there many many times as it was my ex-in-laws home. I have done some reminiscing and realized I lived there thirty one years ago! Wow, where has the time gone?

Are you all as smart as me? Do you remember everything, like I do? This is exactly why I am documenting these places on my blog, because I think I remember everything, but have to admit that I don't. I went through a similar incident when I was photographing some apartments I lived in, "The Snooty Fox." I had taken pictures of many nearby apartments I thought I lived in, but when I saw the name "The Snooty Fox" I knew my other photos were not the ones I wanted. Thank goodness I am doing this now, I can't image if I wait to many more years, maybe then the names won't even ring a bell.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Fleming

Grandparents Headstone. August 14, 2009. Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California. Digital Image. Held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Lois (Mc Guire) Helman

Lois Helman was born in Yale, Payne, Oklahoma, and her final resting place is in Yale, Payne, Oklahoma. She was born "Lois Marie McGuire" on her grandparents farm. Had she been alive today, August 6 would have been her 97th birthday. My grandmother passed away in Kingsland, Llano, Texas.

Lois was married twice. The first time her married name was Fleming and the second time her married name was Helman. Throughout her life, as is the case as many other women, Lois has been known by several last names.

This photo was taken by someone else and has been scanned to my computer. I have not been where she is buried... she is my grandmother and is missed very much.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Paperless Office?

Have you checked out the Fujitsu scanners ... one of the scanners can scan 200 pages into a computer in ONE minute! Amazing ...
Here is another new smaller, incredible scanner, it does both sides in one scan, the Scan Snap S1500 ...This scanner can scan 20 pages in a minute and will scan several different sizes at one time. This scanner is great for pictures too! Check out what it can do with business cards! I have looked these scanners up online and surprisingly they really aren't that expensive!

Can you imagine how quickly we could be going through our scanning sessions at this rate?
Check SpellingMiriam's Scanfest would have way more socialization as everyone would be done scanning in no time, but who isn't into socializing?

Check out this Designing Spaces video..
.I want one!

I do not have any affiliation with Fujitsu or their scanners. A friend shared this information with me and I found it to be way cool and wanted to share it with you also. I still want one......

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Social Networking...Facebook = New Cousin!

Over the past few months some of my friends on Facebook have made comments, either in front of or to my husband, that they know what I am doing all of the time, because I post often on Facebook. How many of you are on Facebook for social networking? How about Twitter? Do you use Twitter for social networking also? I use them for this purpose, but many of my friends use them for fun and games only. If they aren't involved in genealogy, they don't understand what is behind me and Facebook.

This blog, Heritage Happens, is to share my genealogy, research, and the making of current family history. Through this blog I have been fortunate to make contact with several new cousins from several different lines. I have used Facebook to keep in touch with many other bloggers, family members, friends and to promote some of my blog posts from one or the other blog. If you are unaware, I also have the blog, The Graveyard Rabbits of South Alameda County. I have used Twitter to advertise my blog posts, primarily. I don't spend as much time on Twitter, although there are many genealogists that do. I wish I could spend more time there, but in order for me to be able to do that, I think I need to be cloned first!

I can now say that Facebook has officially been the contact site for the latest cousin I have met! This is the first time I have made contact with a new relative on Facebook. It turns out this cousin first found me from this blog and then decided to make contact with me on Facebook. Late Friday afternoon my new cousin and I had a wonderful chat via Facebook. I can't tell you how it made each of us feel. Technology these days, wow! Not that long ago, you waited for contact from someone via snail mail. Then, maybe, you exchanged phone numbers and eventually contacted each other via air waves. Not now a days! Almost immediate contact, possible chats and phone numbers exchanged in seconds.

Sometimes I feel I have to many avenues to keep up with on the Internet. I have several email addresses, all for different uses. Just checking them on a daily basis can be a challenge sometimes. Then you add the social networking sites, the sites you pay for and learn from, all the other blogs and websites, etc...and you have the makings for a busy schedule!

Times like this tells me it really pays off to be doing everything that I am doing. Sometimes I can't do all I wish I could, especially when it comes to leaving comments on others blogs, still a tough one for me to get to. Or following up on something someone has shared with heart is there for all of this... however there still isn't enough hours in a day for me.

My main point to all of this... many thanks goes to Facebook for being there so I was able to make a new family connection! Social networking, it is a must do! So, maybe I post a lot on Facebook according to some, but I won't be changing that any time soon!

Are you practicing social networking?

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camera Found : Guess Where? Photos John and Gladys (Richmond) Miner Gravesites

It has been a week since I visited Mountain View Cemetery. If you read my post following that visit, you will remember that I found upon returning home from the cemetery, that my camera was missing. We couldn't find the camera anywhere. I even called the store I went to after the cemetery to see if it was there (maybe fell out of my purse) to no avail. I also checked the many places friends suggested I check. By late yesterday afternoon, I gave up home and decided it must have fallen out of the truck somewhere along the way after the cemetery visit.

Friday morning I woke to the nicest surprise. My husband came up behind me and held the camera in front of my face. Wow! I was jazzed! Where did he find it? It took me a few times asking before I finally received the answer. You would never guess, at least I wouldn't have.

Those of us who visit cemeteries know we tend to take many things with us on our visits. On my visit last Saturday to this cemetery I took a bucket, towel and tools for weeding, among other things. I knew there would be some cleaning of grave sites to do!

When we returned home late that afternoon, there were many things to be unloaded from the truck. My husband was the one who unloaded the pail and tools, etc. It turns out that is where my camera was eventually found, in the pail with the tools! How it got there, I am not sure. I am not one to put my camera into something with dirty tools and rags etc. But, I am not pointing any fingers either...after all I am blonde!

So, now I have the photos that should have been entered with this post, not that they were all that exciting or anything.

The photo above shows where my ggrandmother, Gladys (Richmond) Miner is buried, in between the Beaver and Williams headstones, the empty space in the middle.

The picture below shows where my ggrandfather, John Clayton Miner is buried, to the left of the Fabini headstone, also the empty space in the middle.

Both of my ggrandparents are buried in plot #65, Gladys is grave 1249, and John is grave 1278. It is obvious they hadn't pre-purchased their plots as they were separated from each other by about 6 rows. John and Gladys's children must have purchased the plots and apparently didn't have the money for headstones.

John Clayton Miner was born November 10, 1875 in New York. He died Sept 23, 1939. Gladys A. (Richmond) Miner was born July 1, 1885 in New York and passed away January 11, 1944.

In the 1930 Federal Census it shows John and Gladys living in Oakland, Alameda, California. Sometime between 1920 and 1930 they moved from LaGrande, Union, Oregon, as that was where they were living in the 1920 Federal Census. More research is needed to find out when that move was actually made.
The US became a part of World War ll on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor. So, it wasn't because of a recent move that there weren't headstones, the family had been settled in the area for awhile. I can see war time causing a financial issue possibly for Gladys, maybe not so much for John. Maybe the children were poor though... Maybe they didn't believe or feel headstones needed to be placed...Whatever the reason, this will be my mission, to make sure they each get a marker!

Hooray on finding my camera! Now if I cam only find my Ipod...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

World Vital Records, FREE

World Vital Records has a great promotion going on. Initially, they gave three days free of access to their site. Then if you added to Facebook that you had joined for the free access, you were given another three free days, which expired yesterday. I received an email last night that the free access, with no credit card required was extended again, until August eighteenth! I personally couldn't be happier! I do not have a subscription to World Vital Records and I have not been able to spend time exploring the site.

World Vitals Records explains that they have had such a good response to the free access, they decided to extend the offer. They claim you can search 1.2 BILLION names for free! They are offering 50% discounts on both the World subscription and also the U.S. Membership.

I do not have any affiliation what so ever with World Vital Records, but I thought this was such an awesome offer, I just had to share it with you in case you were unaware. This is how I like to get subscriptions, discounts are always good!

I am going to do my best to explore this site while I can, hope you take advantage until the eighteenth too, we never know what we may find!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Those Places Thursday - McAfee Coliseum

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite places and pastimes, after all this will be saved for generations, right? So here is the McAfee Coliseum.

Home of the Oakland Athletics, or Oakland A's as I refer to them.

Next, you will see the years that the A's won pennants.

Of course, the following years were before my time! ;-)

However, I do remember the next two pictures and all of the players!


I learned to love the Oakland A's back in the seventies. My grandfather was an Oakland A's fan and because of him I started listening to the games on the radio. I knew I was really hooked when I was suppose to be in bed sleeping (there was school the next day) and instead of sleeping I had the transistor radio (am I aging myself or what?) on under my pillow, listening to the game. It didn't matter if the game went thirteen innings or all night, I listened to the full game, every time. I knew every player on the team back then and the players you see in these stands were who I was following. I knew the next time my grandfather came over, I was going to be able to follow what he was talking about, and even chip in with my own thoughts.

Now, I wonder, did my parents really not know what I was doing with the radio under my pillow?

These photos were taken in May 2008, when the family attended a game. It was my grandson's first baseball game, and he received a baseball from one of the attendants of the coliseum, who we happened to know. Back in the day when I listened to the team play on the radio, the home of the A's was called the Oakland Coliseum.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Me

Me. Second grade school photo. Taken in Oakland, California.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tombstone Tues-John and Gladys Miner, Tough Day and Continuing!

Last Saturday I was so very excited! Earlier in the week I found out that my great grandparents were buried not across the country as I had expected, but in the county I live in! Saturday was the day I was going to go to the cemetery and see their graves and take pictures.

The cemetery that my ggrandparents were buried in is Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California. My husband decided to take the trip over there with me, which was a bit of a surprise. He has been to a few cemeteries with me for research, but he doesn't really care for it much. He also doesn't understand why people bring folding chairs and picnics to the grave sites.

Well, I was thinking in the back of my head that I had never been to this cemetery before, and when we drove up to it, I was all full of surprise as the Chapel of the Chimes is right next to the cemetery and I had no idea where in Oakland it was. So I immediately learned that!

I was disappointed there wasn't a plaque with the name of the cemetery posted at the entrance. Once we pulled in, I again was in amazement! This time by how large the cemetery was and how it took my breath away. I am finding more and more, most cemeteries take my breath away for one reason or another. I already knew I HAD to come back to this cemetery WITHOUT my husband one day, just to explore and take my time. He is patient, but not for all I would like to do, and I understand that.

First on the agenda was for me to head to the office to find out where my great grandparents were buried. As we pulled up to the office I had a deja vu moment! I realized this is where my grandfather from another line was buried also, I was pretty darn sure! Ok, have to ask about him also. After giving the pertinent information about my great grandparents, I was almost immediately given their plot numbers and information. Sooooo excited! It was explained to me that the rows and how the numbers work in that area was different from the norm. Instead of the numbers going left to right, the numbers work up and down. Ok, no problem on my end! Then I asked about my grandfather and had enough info, that yes, he was buried there, and his info was handed to me as well.

Off we went to the first area. I expected my ggrandparents (John and Gladys) to be buried next to each other, so I figured if I could find one easily, the next one would be a drop in the bucket, right? I started at the bottom of the area, found the correct range of numbers and started walking up the hill. The numbering system made NO sense at all! It seemed there were two rows of correct numbers going up the hill. I checked them all. My family wasn't found. I rechecked and my husband also walked and looked for their site. We walked the whole section in fact, and I was so very disappointed as we found nothing.

I asked my husband to take us to the other area where I could see my grandfather's headstone. We found the area, but WOW, was it hugh! I almost accidentally found the general numbers and followed them, but then, no more plots and no grandfather. I was getting beat by this time, and it takes a lot to get me beat, I usually have major determination. I had my husband take me back to the office.

They were surprised to see me back in the office and even more surprised when I hadn't found any of the grave sites. Out came their maps. Copies of their maps, copies (large) taped together and given color coding. Wow, I should be able to find them now!

My grandfather, they understood why I couldn't find his, he was at the top of the hill, not the bottom, sort of out of sequence. After the numbers of his site there is an "A" which has to do with cremations. Anyway, I had a good idea now where he was, we were so close and yet so far at one point earlier.

Off we go, back to the first section we were in. I had in my mind exactly how to do this. Start from the side and find the correct names, count to the correct grave. Well, I started out trying this, but then my husband "knew better" so we eventually got messed up, and then I thought I knew better, at our already messed up stage and we got more messed up! I started over, and suggested my husband let me do it my way.

On the map, I found the first name and started counting my way past names to see where Gladys should be. Wow, I remember seeing that grave...right next to it was where my ggrandmother was suppose to be. I got it! I started my counting sideways, up and down and all of a sudden I found it! Here it is!

[There should be a picture here. If the picture was here, you would see dirt, and only dirt!]

Oh, disappointment struck, big time. No marker, nothing, nada, zip. To make matters worse, apparently this husband and wife weren't even buried next to each other! I need to find the other grave. Well, it looks like there should be four rows of these numbers going up and down the hill, not two. Looking at the map that was made for me, I realized some headstones were partially under dirt and the the reason you couldn't see the rows straight was because the headstones were missing or not there at all. I eventually finally found the grave site of my ggrandfather. Here is a picture of it:

[There should be a picture here. If the picture was here, you would see dirt again, and only dirt.]

Oh...I was so very disappointed, again. Neither if my ggrandparents had a headstone. I wanted to make sure there really wasn't any headstones, maybe they had been covered and buried, dirt has been creeping down the hillside. I could see no sign of headstones, not even buried. I felt so ill. No wonder we couldn't find them the first time we looked. I thought of the possibility there may not be a headstone, but in my heart I didn't want it to be so. This is the first time I have run across a burial site within my own family where there hasn't been a headstone, and now suddenly, there were two at once.

I needed to see my grandfather's, J.L. Fleming, resting place. I found his this time very quickly, and was able to take pictures at least of his marker, and clean the grave site. The marker also shows his wife and her dates. The picture-

[The picture should be here. The headstone of my grandfather and his wife]

Now, to make matters even worse, as I wrote this and looked to upload the pictures, I couldn't find them. I was sure I had downloaded them off my camera, but then I remembered I hadn't actually done that yet, so off I went for my camera. I can not find my camera, anywhere! My husband and I have looked all over for it. We have retraced our steps as best we could. I certainly hope it turns up, somewhere. At least I can go back and retake these photos, it wasn't like I was in another country or anything. The camera wasn't real expensive, but I love it. (It is not the new one I got for Christmas-thank goodness) I remember bringing the camera back to the car when we were done, and even took a few photos on the way out, so I know I had it then. Sure ruined my blog post though, I had it all figured out!

Now, it looks like I WILL have to go back to Mountain View Cemetery, if for no other reason than to replace the photos I took this past Saturday. I will also be checking into the proper procedure to eventually have headstones place for each of my great grandparents, John Clayton Miner and Gladys Amy [Richmond] Miner. It saddens me to think they aren't buried together and the family was so poor they couldn't buy them headstones. Was I not suppose to have pictures of their grave sites? Is this why it was so very difficult finding them and now having my camera disappear? I wonder, so much...

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your 16 Great-Grands

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings posts a ritual Saturday night "fun, challenge, assignment, or such." I participated in one of these before, but it has been a long time. Tonight, I have the opportunity to play along for a second time! So here is post for this week:

"Saturday Night - time for some Genealogy Fun!

Do you have a pedigree chart that shows you as #1 and goes back five generations? If not, you should make one! Fire up your software program and create a report and save it (you'll see why in am minute!).

Here is your SNGF assignment for the evening (if you choose to accept it - this is not stump the genealogist or even Mission Impossible):

1) List your 16 great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.

2) Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.

3) Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).

4) If you don't know all 16 of your great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.

5) Write your own blog post, or make a comment on Facebook or in this post."

I wanted to list my "16" however I do have a couple roadblocks there, so I had to drop down to "8." Even at 8, I have a road block! My grandfather Lundberg never knew who his father was. He always claimed he was born a bastard. His father is not listed on any paperwork I have, so this is an ongoing puzzle. If you notice, he was given his mother's last name.

1. Unknown

2. Marta Lundberg - Born December 23, 1883 in Vasternorrland, Sweden. Died in 1925 in Vasternorrland, Sweden.

3. Halvor Westby - Born December 6, 1861 in Trysil, Norway. Died October 7, 1942 in Wadena, Minnesota.

4. Kari Jonson - Born July 25, 1864 in Trysil, Norway. Died August 14, 1949 in Wadena, Minnesota.

5. Johannes Gustavsen - Born about 1844 in Lier, Norway. Died Unknown.

6. Alette Pedersdatter - Born about 1852 in Drammen, Norway. Died October 26, 1878.

7. John C. Miner - Born November 10, 1875 in New York. Died September 23, 1939 in Alameda, California.

8. Gladys Richmond - Born July 1, 1885 in New York. Died January 11, 1944 in Alameda, California.

My "nationalities" are 4 Norwegian, 1 Sweden, 2 which I believe to be English, and 1 unknown. [so 81% English, 19% German.]Edited August 10, 2009. This shouldn't have been here in this post, it was part of a copy and paste that should have been deleted. Thank you!

My calculations would be 8 - 12.5% each which means I would be:

Norwegian - 50 % English - 25% Swedish -12.5 % Unknown - 12.5 %

This was fun, I only wish I had the unknown...I have been working on it and had a DNA test done on my father, but that will be in another post! Thanks Randy!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Those Places Thursday - Fleming Farm

Joseph John Fleming farm. Yale, Oklahoma. Scanned copy. October 15, 2006. Original held by R. L. Fleming. Copy held by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009

This is a photo of my great grandmother Laura (Hohimer) Fleming with her children, Isabel, James and Madge. This picture was taken sometime in 1911 at their home, the Fleming farm. Laura's husband, Joseph, was in Canada working as a laborer at this time. His family was on the way to visit him in this picture.

Joseph, or Joe as he was commonly known, was living in the town of Watson in the district of Humboldt. This was located in the province of Saskatchewan. The 1911 Canadian Census Record states he immigrated from the United States (where he was born in 1875) in 1907. He was 35 years old at the time of this census, and was working as a laborer. We know then that he was working in Canada at least four years.

Laura would be about 33 or 34 in this photo, depending the time of year it was taken. Laura was born in Greenwood Kansas. Isabel, the youngest daughter, was actually born in Watson, Saskatchewan in 1908. In this picture she would be around three years old. Joseph and Laura's only son James was born in 1904 in Yale, Oklahoma. He was also known as "Hal" during his lifetime and was probably six here. Madge, the oldest daughter, was also born in Yale, Oklahoma in 1902. She could have been 8 or 9 heading out to see her father this time.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Coin

Coin. May 26, 2008. Digital Image. Privately held by Cheryl[ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE]California. 2009

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Research? Blog Post?... Blog Post? Research?

I have been tied up with a small venture, non genealogy related as of late. It has been rather time consuming up until yesterday. I miss blog posting and research, especially. It seems so very long since I have even looked at my family tree!

In between watching my grandchildren today, I was able to catch Elyse Doerflinger's (from Elyse's Genealogy) first chat on GenealogyWise. She chatted about starting a blog. I thought she did a wonderful job, kudos to her! Again, we see Elyse making her move in this field. She has so much drive and love for genealogy. Very inspiring! Certainly we hope some of her enthusiasm locks other young people into this great hobby of ours! Nicely done Elyse! I know we will have new blogs starting up because of your foresight in educating them and showing them how much fun it is to blog. It was nice to "see" Amy Coffin, Thomas MacEntee, footnoteMavin, and DearMyrtle there also, all in support of Elyse!

When the grandchildren finally decided to nap today, I went into my genealogy program, Family Tree, just to refresh my memory of a few things. Then I pulled up an email, from a distant cousin, which I had received back in January 2008. This email was confirmation on my maternal mother's line. There was however one link that I wanted more confirmation on before I feel comfortable saying for a fact it is all mine. I have thought about this so many times, and I am sure blogged about it also, just haven't gotten to it. But this time I want to verify to myself that I have enough evidence, and if not, do something about it! Determination!

So I am off to check my information, but wanted to do a quick post as I have been so quiet lately. Hopefully my next post will say I have enough info to confirm this line and share! So there you have it, I did a small blog post, and now I am off to do a bit of research! Accomplishing it both! (Although, it is only 5:20 and I still have the grandchildren, so I will cross my fingers that I get the second part in!) (Ok, it is now 7:05, time for dinner and THEN I will get to it!)

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