Camera Found : Guess Where? Photos John and Gladys (Richmond) Miner Gravesites

It has been a week since I visited Mountain View Cemetery. If you read my post following that visit, you will remember that I found upon returning home from the cemetery, that my camera was missing. We couldn't find the camera anywhere. I even called the store I went to after the cemetery to see if it was there (maybe fell out of my purse) to no avail. I also checked the many places friends suggested I check. By late yesterday afternoon, I gave up home and decided it must have fallen out of the truck somewhere along the way after the cemetery visit.

Friday morning I woke to the nicest surprise. My husband came up behind me and held the camera in front of my face. Wow! I was jazzed! Where did he find it? It took me a few times asking before I finally received the answer. You would never guess, at least I wouldn't have.

Those of us who visit cemeteries know we tend to take many things with us on our visits. On my visit last Saturday to this cemetery I took a bucket, towel and tools for weeding, among other things. I knew there would be some cleaning of grave sites to do!

When we returned home late that afternoon, there were many things to be unloaded from the truck. My husband was the one who unloaded the pail and tools, etc. It turns out that is where my camera was eventually found, in the pail with the tools! How it got there, I am not sure. I am not one to put my camera into something with dirty tools and rags etc. But, I am not pointing any fingers either...after all I am blonde!

So, now I have the photos that should have been entered with this post, not that they were all that exciting or anything.

The photo above shows where my ggrandmother, Gladys (Richmond) Miner is buried, in between the Beaver and Williams headstones, the empty space in the middle.

The picture below shows where my ggrandfather, John Clayton Miner is buried, to the left of the Fabini headstone, also the empty space in the middle.

Both of my ggrandparents are buried in plot #65, Gladys is grave 1249, and John is grave 1278. It is obvious they hadn't pre-purchased their plots as they were separated from each other by about 6 rows. John and Gladys's children must have purchased the plots and apparently didn't have the money for headstones.

John Clayton Miner was born November 10, 1875 in New York. He died Sept 23, 1939. Gladys A. (Richmond) Miner was born July 1, 1885 in New York and passed away January 11, 1944.

In the 1930 Federal Census it shows John and Gladys living in Oakland, Alameda, California. Sometime between 1920 and 1930 they moved from LaGrande, Union, Oregon, as that was where they were living in the 1920 Federal Census. More research is needed to find out when that move was actually made.
The US became a part of World War ll on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor. So, it wasn't because of a recent move that there weren't headstones, the family had been settled in the area for awhile. I can see war time causing a financial issue possibly for Gladys, maybe not so much for John. Maybe the children were poor though... Maybe they didn't believe or feel headstones needed to be placed...Whatever the reason, this will be my mission, to make sure they each get a marker!

Hooray on finding my camera! Now if I cam only find my Ipod...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Glad you found your graves and, of course, your camera! And good luck with finding the ipod now. Maybe it will turn up in an unexpected place too.

  2. Hi Harriet,

    Thank you!

    Hi Diane Rogers,

    I hope it turns up...hasn't as of yet though! Thanks, I am happy to have found my camera though!


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