Cloudberry Explorer Pro Online Backup

Have you heard of this backup system, CloudBerry? Nadya, one of my readers, left me a message on my previous post letting me know that CloudBerry Explorer Pro Online Backup was in beta testing right now. I went over to the web site through the link that she left me and it says that "Beta will expire on August 15, 2009."

I did click on the beta link to sign up anyway and it states that due to the high demand and beta not being able to handle so many people, the sign up for the beta testing was by invitation only, you would need a code to have signed up. So, I missed all of the beta testing.

This program is designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage. I am not sure if Nadya has been a beta tester or not, or if any of you may have been? CloudBerry Lab was developed in 2008, they have a very interesting website at

I will be anxious to hear more of this new product!

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  1. I think, Nadia is an insider at CloudBerryLab. I have read her comments all over the Internet, pushing her company.

    The sad thing is that she never identifies herself as an employee of CloudberryLab; well there are others who do the same in this industry.

    I guess that the competition is fierce and that is why such very dishonest push for their company ...

  2. Hey Cheryl! Thank you for mentioning CloudBerry Backup in your blog. I have generated an invitation key for you. You should have got it by now. I just want to point out that the beta is extended and everybody can request and invitation code on our website


  3. Let me address the other commenter concern. Yes, Nadya works for CloudBerry Lab, she is our marketing manager and she never conceived this fact. You can see her profiles all around the internet: Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, etc. We will try to make it more clear that she works for the company to avoid any confusion if the future

  4. Ok, so bottom line, Nadya does work for Cloudberry Backup, and I did find I had an email from her in one of my accounts. Thank you Anonymous for your insight! And, thank you Andy for your updates and the invitation for everyone!


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