Paperless Office?

Have you checked out the Fujitsu scanners ... one of the scanners can scan 200 pages into a computer in ONE minute! Amazing ...
Here is another new smaller, incredible scanner, it does both sides in one scan, the Scan Snap S1500 ...This scanner can scan 20 pages in a minute and will scan several different sizes at one time. This scanner is great for pictures too! Check out what it can do with business cards! I have looked these scanners up online and surprisingly they really aren't that expensive!

Can you imagine how quickly we could be going through our scanning sessions at this rate?
Check SpellingMiriam's Scanfest would have way more socialization as everyone would be done scanning in no time, but who isn't into socializing?

Check out this Designing Spaces video..
.I want one!

I do not have any affiliation with Fujitsu or their scanners. A friend shared this information with me and I found it to be way cool and wanted to share it with you also. I still want one......

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. One of my favorite customers is a company that scans historical records. They use our software to convert all the scanned documents to a searchable format, and auto-file by name.

    PSIGEN Scanning Software

  2. Love it Cheryl! Great, now I want one too!! I am going to start saving because this one is a must have! Last night I scanned about 10 photos, it took me hours! Thank you for sharing and informing us.

  3. Hi Steve,

    It looks like you are giving us an alternative to check out, will do, thanks!

    Hi Gini,

    What timing that I posted this now then. Anything to make things faster and give us more time!


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