Research? Blog Post?... Blog Post? Research?

I have been tied up with a small venture, non genealogy related as of late. It has been rather time consuming up until yesterday. I miss blog posting and research, especially. It seems so very long since I have even looked at my family tree!

In between watching my grandchildren today, I was able to catch Elyse Doerflinger's (from Elyse's Genealogy) first chat on GenealogyWise. She chatted about starting a blog. I thought she did a wonderful job, kudos to her! Again, we see Elyse making her move in this field. She has so much drive and love for genealogy. Very inspiring! Certainly we hope some of her enthusiasm locks other young people into this great hobby of ours! Nicely done Elyse! I know we will have new blogs starting up because of your foresight in educating them and showing them how much fun it is to blog. It was nice to "see" Amy Coffin, Thomas MacEntee, footnoteMavin, and DearMyrtle there also, all in support of Elyse!

When the grandchildren finally decided to nap today, I went into my genealogy program, Family Tree, just to refresh my memory of a few things. Then I pulled up an email, from a distant cousin, which I had received back in January 2008. This email was confirmation on my maternal mother's line. There was however one link that I wanted more confirmation on before I feel comfortable saying for a fact it is all mine. I have thought about this so many times, and I am sure blogged about it also, just haven't gotten to it. But this time I want to verify to myself that I have enough evidence, and if not, do something about it! Determination!

So I am off to check my information, but wanted to do a quick post as I have been so quiet lately. Hopefully my next post will say I have enough info to confirm this line and share! So there you have it, I did a small blog post, and now I am off to do a bit of research! Accomplishing it both! (Although, it is only 5:20 and I still have the grandchildren, so I will cross my fingers that I get the second part in!) (Ok, it is now 7:05, time for dinner and THEN I will get to it!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogy treasure hunts!


  1. Cheryl - good luck on your research! I was able to put a check mark next to a couple of my ancestors via my maternal line recently. Love the feeling!

  2. Hi Wendy, Congrats to you! That is an awesome feeling isn't it? hope I can do the same!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts - you so often echo what I'm thinking or doing; I am also just at the point this summer of really "getting back" into research. It always seems that some big steps forward (or should I say backward?) happen after taking a bit of time away - I hope that is the case with your research!

  4. Hi Greta, it is so nice to know someone else goes through what I do, and lets me know it! Sometimes I feel in a world all by myself lost and confused! LOL When I have been away, even for such a short time, I don't know where to start when I get back. Thanks for reaffirming to me I am not so all alone! :)


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