Social Networking...Facebook = New Cousin!

Over the past few months some of my friends on Facebook have made comments, either in front of or to my husband, that they know what I am doing all of the time, because I post often on Facebook. How many of you are on Facebook for social networking? How about Twitter? Do you use Twitter for social networking also? I use them for this purpose, but many of my friends use them for fun and games only. If they aren't involved in genealogy, they don't understand what is behind me and Facebook.

This blog, Heritage Happens, is to share my genealogy, research, and the making of current family history. Through this blog I have been fortunate to make contact with several new cousins from several different lines. I have used Facebook to keep in touch with many other bloggers, family members, friends and to promote some of my blog posts from one or the other blog. If you are unaware, I also have the blog, The Graveyard Rabbits of South Alameda County. I have used Twitter to advertise my blog posts, primarily. I don't spend as much time on Twitter, although there are many genealogists that do. I wish I could spend more time there, but in order for me to be able to do that, I think I need to be cloned first!

I can now say that Facebook has officially been the contact site for the latest cousin I have met! This is the first time I have made contact with a new relative on Facebook. It turns out this cousin first found me from this blog and then decided to make contact with me on Facebook. Late Friday afternoon my new cousin and I had a wonderful chat via Facebook. I can't tell you how it made each of us feel. Technology these days, wow! Not that long ago, you waited for contact from someone via snail mail. Then, maybe, you exchanged phone numbers and eventually contacted each other via air waves. Not now a days! Almost immediate contact, possible chats and phone numbers exchanged in seconds.

Sometimes I feel I have to many avenues to keep up with on the Internet. I have several email addresses, all for different uses. Just checking them on a daily basis can be a challenge sometimes. Then you add the social networking sites, the sites you pay for and learn from, all the other blogs and websites, etc...and you have the makings for a busy schedule!

Times like this tells me it really pays off to be doing everything that I am doing. Sometimes I can't do all I wish I could, especially when it comes to leaving comments on others blogs, still a tough one for me to get to. Or following up on something someone has shared with heart is there for all of this... however there still isn't enough hours in a day for me.

My main point to all of this... many thanks goes to Facebook for being there so I was able to make a new family connection! Social networking, it is a must do! So, maybe I post a lot on Facebook according to some, but I won't be changing that any time soon!

Are you practicing social networking?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I see you are now on a roll with your blogs, and I enjoyed reading them. Loved the story about the camera!

  2. I think connecting with family members and "research cousins" may be my favorite part of genealogy; I enjoyed reading about your latest cousin connection.

  3. Naw you're not like a lot on Facebook. They continually post things I don't care about. Like what time they're going shopping...what they intend to buy and how long they'll be gone. Seems like a great time to rob their house if you ask me. Then when they return they tell you all about their trip. I don't care about all that meaningless Congrats on the find around or whatever you genealogists do in these times...

  4. Hi Barbara, I am glad you are enjoying...I am not so sure I liked the story with the camera! lol

    Hi Greta, I have met so many new family members, it has to be the absolute best part, I agree with you!

    Hi Deez, I thank you for this! I try not to be blah, blah to much on FB!:) I do agree though, what advertisement to say "no one is home!"

  5. When I first joined Facebook, it wasn't about genealogy or social networking. It was because one day, I still aim to be an entreprenur. It's also the reason I joined Twitter. In fact I was on Twitter first and only joined Facebook after an almost cousin (shared lines) convinced me to join.

    Initially, I took part in a lot of meaningless stuff but as I've gotten more into bloggin, twitter, etc. I've curtailed a lot of the meaningless Facebook activities.

    I like Facebook in that it's allowed me to reconnect with old friends, keep up with local cousins that I never see, and meet new cousins (cousins' children).

    And yes, it would help if I were cloned.

    Keep doing what you are doing!

  6. Hi Mavis,
    Thank you for your comment! You may be the first person who has at least been honest with me in that they started with Facebook and Twitter before blogging! I agree with you about using them for contacts. I used to play a few games, now i am down to one only maybe once a month? I think we all need to be cloned! lol


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