Calling all Westby's!

The "newest family member" who has made contact with me is T. She surprised me with a phone call last week! We are both very ecstatic to have found one another.

T actually would be a second cousin to me. She spoke with her family about me. One of her aunts said she already knew of me and had me in her tree information! T told me this aunt would really like to speak with me! I understand she knows of family in Norway and she would be able to fill me in on the family tree information as well! T gave me her name and phone number, of course I would call her! (This paragraph is all about me-lol)

Can you believe I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet? My spare time has been taken up with Drs. appointments, five of them since last Friday(all routine), and some pursuits with my other blog. I am really hoping to make this phone call on Friday or Saturday, and I can't wait! I am most anxious to hear if there really is some known family in Norway as I am hoping to go there next year. I need to get busy learning some Norwegian.

Of course, family in the United States is so super! I have no idea how many Westby family members here in the states I will learn about. Westby is my paternal grandmother's line. Actually, I do not know anyone personally with the last name Westby. This line is one that hasn't really been pursued yet. I am so anxious and excited!

For now, until this call is made, I am dreaming of all of the information I may learn, hoping I will receive photos and thinking about how and when I will be able to meet my new family! Rest assured, you will hear my excitement when the call is made! Hi to T, and all of the Westby family I am about to be introduced to!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. I have not figured it out yet, but
    the Surname Westby had surfaced with
    my Larson surname. I am not sure if
    it is the Westby farmstead in Norway
    of if they changed their surname??
    Not sure on the connection but my
    Norwegian line is from Larvik, Norway.

  2. Hi Jewelgirl, my line is from Trysil Norway. I checked to see about any connections with Larson, and at this point I do not see a connection. Let me know if and when you discover more about your Westby's, you never know there may be a connection!


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